You notice that your emotions feel all over the place and you don’t know how to control them. Your friend, coworkers or family even notic that you seem…well… “off.” Your head might be spinning with worry about the past and the future or maybe even sadness and lack of motivation to get things done well during your day. You might feel stuck in how to get out of this rut.
When things get difficult and our days get longer with the things we have to do, we can lose sight of the moments that help us stay balanced or steady. You are not alone. So many people need guidance to help get them back on track and moving on their path towards wellness.


Allison Ames is a Master’s Level Social Worker with a Clinical License in Michigan. She started her career with a Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2012 at a community mental health clinic. Enjoying her work and wanting to be able to help people through providing individual therapy, Allison went back to school at Michigan State University in 2015 to get her Master of Social Work-Clinical degree and graduated with honors in 2017. Allison most recently worked for a non-profit agency serving survivors of sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence providing therapy to survivors of all ages to assist them in their recovery and resiliency journey.

When the pandemic necessitated therapy to switch to online in 2020, Allison saw the benefits and reduced barriers this provided to clients and inspired her to pursue online therapy as a career.

Allison enjoys working with teens and adults who have difficulty with anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, relationship struggles, trauma, adapting to major life changes, and managing stress. She has seen and supported clients through adapting to the inevitable changes life brings, whether stress caused by home or work life, grief and loss, or general self-esteem issues.

Allison uses Motivational Interviewing, Person-Centered and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy approaches to support adults with mental illness in working towards their individual goals and navigating unique life challenges to build their idea of a life worth living.

Allison’s brings a steady and calm approach to therapy utilizing a strengths-based, non-judgmental, empathetic, and empowering approach to treatment. She believes that everyone is capable, resilient, and a whole human being and that we all need a little help and support sometimes to listen to that wise voice inside of us that knows what to do.

Therapy with Allison is truly a collaborative process. She has the training and experience, yet you are the expert on your own life. You have survived everything that has happened to you to make it to where you are today, and Allison is here to support you in getting to where you want to be.

Allison currently lives in Michigan near the shore of Lake Huron and practices having her own balanced life by spending time with her family and pets, being out in nature, traveling, and making time for quieter hobbies such as reading and art.


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