Laura Schwinn, PsyD

California License#: PSY 24310


Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

Are you pregnant or a new mom? Maybe you just had your first or second child (and no two pregnancies or births are the same!) and are feeling really sad, maybe a bit more than you think you “should” be feeling during such a joyous time. It’s also possible the anxiety about everything that’s so new is really impacting your mood or behaviors.
Working with women and new moms around pregnancy, birth and postpartum, otherwise known in the field as Maternal Mental Health, is a specialty that not many psychologists have been trained in. Postpartum Support International (PSI) is a certification I’ve earned in order to ensure our clinical time together will lead to real, long-lasting change. In becoming a mother myself, I am able to resonate and connect with those whose lives are in this beautiful state of change.
Supporting women, particularly issues surrounding the transition into motherhood is extremely effective when done online. Who has time to drive to a therapy appointment when your are exhausted or if your baby is napping. Online therapy allows pregnant or new moms more freedom to focus on themselves while taking care of their family.
My approach to sessions is helping cultivate awareness of our self, of others, and the interplay between the two. When we take care of ourselves, we can better care for the world around us.

About Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura Schwinn received both her Masters and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in Schaumburg, IL. and is licensed as a psychologist in the state of California.  In addition to this clinical training, Dr. Laura also holds specific Autism certifications, including Relationship Development Intervention, as well as a certificate training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Dr. Laura also completed a Somatic Certificate Program, from Antioch University, which draws from an individuals’ feelings, sensation, movement and emotions that are embedded throughout one’s development.  These patterns, impact our fluid ability to regulate ourselves.  By exploring the embodied patterns, this work centers on shifting those patterns, to alleviate trauma and stress; restoration of an integrated whole.  This works in conjunction with Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), where sound frequencies to used connect with a place of safety, what promotes a neural network for health, growth and restoration.

Dr. Laura aims to meet the patient with compassionate inquiry, towards integration. Building authentic connections through humor and sensitivity, clients report a genuine therapeutic alliance, allowing their vulnerabilities to be held with graceful respect.

Dr. Laura resides in Northern California with her beloved husband, 2 young kiddos, and Australian Shepard.  She is naturally drawn to the water, being near it whenever possible.  In daily life, you would find her engaging in yoga, while sipping good wine and practicing her Italian.