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If you are trying to cope with feeling anxious or depressed, coping with a major life transition, or have relationship concerns, then I may be the right fit for you. I also specialize in cognitive processing therapy, an evidence based treatment for individuals dealing with trauma. Finally, I can help you if you are experiencing infertility, miscarriage, loss of a baby, or have postpartum depression or anxiety as I am currently obtaining certification in perinatal mental health.
I currently offer individual, couples, and group etherapy. I specialize in working with adults coping with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bereavement, marital concerns, and adjustments to various life transitions. I will also soon be certified in perinatal mental health.


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Dr. Elizabeth Merrill is a Board Certified Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Group Psychotherapist in Maine, New York, and Illinois. She is also a Florida registered telehealth provider. Dr. Merrill has been working with adults, adolescents, and children in diverse clinical settings (inpatient hospitals, outpatient clinics, mental health centers, and private practice) for the past fifteen years.

She obtained her doctorate from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California in 2007 and moved to New York City where she was employed within the city hospital systems for 10 years as a Supervising Psychologist and as the Assistant Director of Child and Adolescent Education and Training at Mt. Sinai-St. Luke’s Child and Family Institute.  Dr. Merrill was also the Assistant Professor of Psychology at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons and Clinical Instructor at Montefiore Medical Center. Dr. Merrill’s honors and achievements include Supervisor of the Year at Mt. Sinai-St. Luke’s, President-Elect of the NY State Psychological Association’s Group Division, Treasurer of the Champaign Area Psychotherapy Society, Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society Board of Directors, Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology, and Leadership Institute Fellow through the New York State Psychology Association.  She also founded the Animal Assisted Therapy Program at Mt. Sinai-St. Luke’s Child and Family Institute.

Dr. Merrill has worked for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for the past four years where she has been formally trained and certified in the evidence-based practice entitled Cognitive Processing Therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder. She also currently provides telehealth care to Veterans, so she is quite familiar with the electronic therapy modality.

Dr. Merrill is also currently in training to become a certified perinatal mental health specialist, where she will be certified in treating new moms/families struggling with fertility, miscarriage, and postpartum anxiety/depression.

While Dr. Merrill is primarily a relational therapist, she uses cognitive behavioral approaches when it is indicated. This essentially means that therapy is a joint process between therapist and client. And, what happens in the therapy room often reflects processes that happen outside. In this way, the therapist can help the client pay close attention to maladaptive thoughts and feelings that surface in therapy with the goal of increasing one’s overall emotional well-being.

Dr. Merrill currently offers individual, couples, and group etherapy and specializes in working with adults coping with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bereavement, marital concerns, and adjustments to various life transitions.

In her spare time, Dr. Merrill enjoys hiking, swimming, and adventuring with her family in and around Maine. She also loves to travel internationally. Her favorite hobby includes practicing Spanish with her Guatemala-based teacher. In fact, she Skypes with her teacher on a weekly basis—ah, the power of telecommunication!


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