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Limited time due to the Cornoavirus – let’s be well together!

FREE e-YOGA! M-F 9:00-10:00am EST

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Join Yoga Instructor, Erin Sonn, weekdays for an interactive yoga flow on WebEx. Each day offers a different theme to awaken the energy within and keep you grounded, present, and relaxed in these uncertain times.



Prefer to engage in a more personalized eYoga experience?

Personalized ONE-on-ONE eYoga

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ON SALE now for only $50/session (Typically  $75)

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A bit about the founder and instructor…

Erin T. Sonn, M.Ed., E-RYT, YACEP,

Erin is a yoga instructor and mindfulness coach, specializing in mindful movement for stress reduction and building compassionate, present-moment awareness. Erin is specially trained to work with athletes, educators, and anyone who wishes to increase mental and physical flexibility, strength, and balance through a vinyasa-style yoga.  Erin also enjoys sharing the gentle practices of slow flow, yin, and restorative yoga, as well as guided meditation, to offer a more restful experience for the body’s recovery from the demands of everyday life. Each session with Erin will be highly personalized to fit your goals and intentions, with virtual, real time, one-on-one support, encouragement, and guidance. Awaken to your best life! Namaste.

Mental and Physical Wellness Go Together!

At Synergy eTherapy, we are not just thinking about mental health therapy, but also the intersection between the mental and physical realms of health and wellness! Our bodies are usually the first to react and let us know that we are feeling too overwhelmed; our heart races, we have shallow breathing and we may shake or sweat.

Yoga is a wonderful way for kids and adults of all ages to engage their mind and body to reduce stress, worry, anxiety, sadness, and/or feeling disconnected and to improve their ability to focus and find inner strength and calm. Yoga can help improve your mind and body’s ability to tolerate stress in a busy world.

This is why we are partnering with Eat.Yoga.Drink to offer more holistic options, like eYoga, to our community and beyond!

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