Do you wonder if what is happening inside is keeping you from living your life fully? Do you struggle to be fully present because anxiety,  depression, or feeling not enough? Are you high performing but struggling with feeling of inadequacy or imposter syndrome? Perhaps you are struggling with achieving a happy, satisfying marriage with your partner. You know there must be a way to get in sync with each other and to regain happiness and ease. Or maybe you are encountering a life change:  divorce, blended family, job transition or graduate school. Your greatest desire is to make this transition with authenticity.
Karen can help you make a holistic assessment of your strengths and challenges as an individual or couple. Together we create a plan for treatment that includes meaningful goals and building of important skills to improve your emotional resiliency. We can delve into deep work or we can concentrate on brief treatment depending on your goals.


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Karen Carloni is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Maryland and South Carolina who has been providing community-based mental health services for many years. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Florida in 1989 and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling in 1993 from the University of South Florida.

In addition to providing direct services, Karen has served as the Executive Director of a non-profit Community Behavioral Health agency for the past six years. She has also completed the Emerging Leaders Program with the National Council for Behavioral Health in 2017 and has served on the Board of Directors of the Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland for the past four years.

Karen has worked in both private and public settings and with a range of populations. Her clinical experience includes adolescents, adults, couples and families suffering from a wide range of emotional, marital and professional challenges.  Karen has experience with people suffering from substance use disorders, serious and persistent mental illness, anxiety and depression.  Her recent clinical work has been focused on high performing professionals who are struggling to negotiate their personal or professional lives.

Karen’s clinical style is highly engaged and empathic. Drawing from CBT, Adlerian, Person-Centered and Mindfulness modalities, Karen believes in holistic and individual solutions to complex issues. Creating goals together will be an ongoing process. Karen holds space for change by ensuring safety, non-judgment and a lifelong belief in possibilities.

Karen has a large and busy family and enjoys traveling with family, cooking, reading and journaling.

The state of empathy, or being empathic, is to perceive the internal frame of reference of another with accuracy and with the emotional components and meanings which pertain thereto as if one were the person. * Carl Rogers *


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