Marketing Simplified for Online Therapists


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If you are like most clinicians, you are very well prepared to see clients in your practice. But…what about the business side of things?

Nobody teaches us how to market ourselves in a simple way that makes sense for our busy clinical lives. And now, so many of us are moving our practices ONLINE!! So, how do we market to an entire state?

Imagine this scenario: A telehealth marketer with decades of experience working for companies like AmWell and NowClinic team up with a clinical psychologist who started one of the first online therapy group practices! You’d get a team of high-energy female entrepreneurs who have a combined track record of success in getting clients in the door.

Dr. Lisa, owner of Synergy eTherapy & Elizabeth Rossini, owner of Rossini Marketing Group decided to team up and help other clinicians, both online and in-person, be successful in business as well as in practice! We are here to help you take your practice from beginning to expanding!

In just five weeks in March of 2020, we will teach you what is needed to be a successful therapist AND private practice business marketer!

Our Marketing Simplified course will take you quickly through the building blocks of marketing including how to:

Define your brand

Understand your value proposition

Identify your target market

Begin your sales funnels


Create your tactical 2020 calendar

We will do this by offering weekly group course calls on Zoom and weekly Facebook Live Office Hours!

BONUS: A one-on-one 50-minute coaching call with Elizabeth to help take a deeper dive into your

practice and marketing strategy! (This is a $200 value alone!)

We’ll answer questions like:

  • What makes me a great clinician?
  • How do I match my style (personally and clinically) to my target market?
  • Who is my target market? How do I reach them? Do I really need to niche down?
  • What is a sales funnel? Do I have one? How do I build one? Why is it useful?
  • How to I chose tactics? How do I build a plan?
  • Who can I turn to that can help me execute my tactics?

You might be familiar with some of these marketing questions and answers…and you may have even done some of this work before…but we will take you through a refined, focused approach to mapping each element to an actionable, tactical plan that is unique for your business.

This course will shift your thinking and your approach to marketing your practice. This course provides the strategic framework to get your practice off the ground and it can also help you to refine your practice to meet your clinical needs as you change and grow.


From those who are just starting their private practice to online group practice owners…we offer marketing strategies for everyone!

What have past participants said about the course?

“I learned so much from this course!  I realized in the first session that I was targeting the wrong clients!  Super helpful for those of us who don’t love the business/marketing side of practice.” – 2019 beta course therapist

“I liked these exploration exercises – they were structured and clear and helped me feel like I was making progress on a plan.” – 2019 beta course therapist

Dates and Times

**all times are CST, please note time zones for your area***

Webinar Interactive Course Dates:

  • March 3: Secret Sauce 10:00-11:30 am
  • March 10: Target Market 10:00-11:30 am
  • March 17: Implementation week – two FB office hours (see times below)
  • March 24: Sales Funnel 10:00-11:30 am
  • March 31: Tactical Execution 10:00-11:30 am

Facebook Office Hours – This is where you can ask questions and take a deep dive in applying what you’ve learned to your practice!

  • Friday, March 6th  12:00-1:00 pm
  • Friday, March 13th 10:00-11:00 am
  • Tuesday, March 17th 10:00-11:00 am
  • Friday, March 20th  2:00-3:00 pm
  • Friday, March 27th 10:00-11:00 am
  • Friday, April 3rd 2:00-3:00 pm

      A few special notes:

  • To get the full benefit from this class, we recommend you plan to spend at least 5 hours a week either in class or on exploration activities during the session.
    • Exploration activities will be assigned each session and are cumulative
    • You get what you give! Please plan accordingly.
  • Office hours are totally driven by participant questions – bring specific questions, challenges, examples and we’ll work through them together!
    • Past participants have said the office hours provide the practical application of the concepts. We highly encourage your attendance and participation.
    • Please prioritize this time – we can work on your business together.
  • A one on one, 55-minute session with Elizabeth is included with this course (a $200 value!). You will schedule this separately.
  • Also, please note: this course focuses on teaching you an approach to your marketing. While we will discuss tactics, however, this is not a “how to execute” course. There are thousands of tactics to choose from and which ones you use will be determined on the basic principals we will teach; so while we will help you learn how to select them, we will not be focusing on the implementation. For example, we won’t be teaching how to write an outreach email or how to create a YouTube video, etc. We will help you decide which tactics may be useful given your secret sauce, target market and you!

Focused young woman online providing online therapy in Illinois | Online Counseling in Illinois | Synergy eTheapy

We are going to take you from Beginning to Expanding!!

Marketing can be taught and learned in a fun, exciting, simple yet mind-blowing way for therapists!


Who are we?

Hey all! Welcome!! I’m Dr. Lisa Lovelace (otherwise previously known as Lisa Herman) and in 2012 I started doing online work and in 2016, opened Synergy eTherapy!

This is a really exciting, albeit nerve-racking “side hustle” I am so happy to start! I’ve been conducting online therapy since 2012 and have learned so much along the way. Growing my online group practice has been an incredible learning experience!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Oh the joys of throwing marketing spaghetti on the walls to see what sticks!
  • The “Why doesn’t anyone email me back after my kick-ass outreach email?”
  • Oh and don’t forget that there are so many courses, strategies, and tricks that people PROMISE will fill my practice to 6 figures in 30 days pitch (only to find that you watched their 3o-min ‘buy my 2K course’ video with no real advice!) Umm… [email protected]#

I could go on and on – but what I really learned was that marketing does not come with a secret code nor does it have a one size fits most tag. I also learned that you can have strategy and diligence and over time, it’ll pay off.

If you are like me, I want results …. like…yesterday! We pour our heart, our time, energy and years of clinical experience into our practices and we want to focus on helping our clients feel better. Nobody teaches us how to run a business, let along how to become a sales and marketing VP of our company! We are excited to have the chance to help make this aspect of your business a little easier for you – the online therapist!

I’ve been featured on several therapy podcasts (please click to listen!) including:brighter vision podcast

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Rossini and I have more than 20 years of marketing experience with startups and innovative parts of large companies. I love taking the best practices learned in corporate America and helping other small businesses grow.

I have spent my career building marketing for businesses, in the healthcare space specifically. With deep experience in telehealth and healthcare, this is where I’ve worked:

Launched NowClinic Online Care, which was built on the AmericanWell platform, within the UnitedHealthGroup family of companies.

Launched the first primary care telehealth platform, NowClinic, in Rite Aid retail stores.

Integrated Teledoc platform into UnitedHealthGroup’s ecosystem

Designed Hennepin Healthcare (formerly HCMC’s) telehealth program from scratch, including building workflows and launching four pilot programs

As you can see, my experience in telehealth will enable me to teach you the ins and outs of marketing strategies, specifically for providers doing online clinical work.

This Marketing Course will focus on several things including optimizing the unavoidable “business development” or human side of marketing, and aims to help you use your time in the best possible ways. Of course, every business wants leads and deals, but even in an online business, human to human or real-world relationships are how you sign deals.

So does this course sound like it’s for you and are you ready to grow your practice?

If so, let us tell you why this course offers so much for so little!

We have increased the number of hours we offered our beta group in 2019 in order to ensure you have time to digest and grasp the concepts!

We are going to give you over 13 hours of time to learn, dive deep and engage in group AND one-on-one!

Most therapists charge $150 an hour for therapy which would be $1950. You only pay $597!

All of our group courses and FB office hours will be recorded so that you will not miss anything if you can’t make a time! And, you will have lifetime access to our FB Group!

Step #1 = Pay

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Marketing Simplified Course

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Questions? Concerns? Ideas?

Email Dr. Lisa and Elizabeth at [email protected] (please do not send patient or confidential information to this email).

Call/Text: 612-642-1355

We can’t wait to get started! See you in a few months!