Marketing for Online Therapists

Marketing for Online Therapists!

We are so glad that you are here, ready to invest in YOU and your Online therapy practice!

You likely know your brand, and your niche…but you may not know who or how to start building a lead funnel.

Over three sessions in one month, you will have defined:

  • Your brand, value prop and target market
  • Your one-year marketing plan, with activities by month
  • Your accountability plan

Beta Course starts in November, 2019!

90-Minute Webinar Lesson and Workshop, Tuesdays

Time: 10:00-11:30am Central Standard Time

Dates:  11/5, 11/12, & 11/19


60-Minute Facebook “Office Hours” – Fridays

Time: 10:00-11:00am Central Standard Time

Dates:  11/8, 11/15, & **11/26

**(This is a Tuesday, we switched due to the Thanksgiving holiday the Friday before)


Hey all! Welcome!! I’m Dr. Lisa Lovelace (otherwise previously known as Lisa Herman) and in 2012 I started doing online work and in 2016, opened Synergy eTherapy!

This is a really exciting, albeit nerve-racking “side hustle” I am so happy to start! I’ve been conducting online therapy since 2012 and have learned so much along the way. Growing my online group practice has been an incredible learning experience!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Oh the joys of throwing marketing spaghetti on the walls to see what sticks!
  • The “Why doesn’t anyone email me back after my kick-ass outreach email?”
  • Oh and don’t forget that there are so many courses, strategies, and tricks that people PROMISE will fill my practice to 6 figures in 30 days pitch (only to find that you watched their 3o-min ‘buy my 2K course’ video with no real advice!) Umm… [email protected]#

I could go on and on – but what I really learned was that marketing does not come with a secret code nor does it have a one size fits most tag. I also learned that you can have strategy and diligence and over time, it’ll pay off.

If you are like me, I want results …. like…yesterday! We pour our heart, our time, energy and years of clinical experience into our practices and we want to focus on helping our clients feel better. Nobody teaches us how to run a business, let along how to become a sales and marketing VP of our company! We are excited to have the chance to help make this aspect of your business a little easier for you – the online therapist!

I’ve been featured on several therapy podcasts (please click to listen!) including:brighter vision podcast

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Rossini and I have more than 20 years of marketing experience with startups and innovative parts of large companies. I love taking the best practices learned in corporate America and helping other small businesses grow.

I have spent my career building marketing for businesses, in the healthcare space specifically. With deep experience in telehealth and healthcare, this is where I’ve worked:

Launched NowClinic Online Care, which was built on the AmericanWell platform, within the UnitedHealthGroup family of companies.

Launched the first primary care telehealth platform, NowClinic, in Rite Aid retail stores.

Integrated Teledoc platform into UnitedHealthGroup’s ecosystem

Designed Hennepin Healthcare (formerly HCMC’s) telehealth program from scratch, including building workflows and launching four pilot programs

As you can see, my experience in telehealth will enable me to teach you the ins and outs of marketing strategies, specifically for providers doing online clinical work.

This Marketing Course will focus on several things including optimizing the unavoidable “business development” or human side of marketing, and aims to help you use your time in the best possible ways. Of course, every business wants leads and deals, but even in an online business, human to human or real-world relationships are how you sign deals.

Step #1:

Pay your invoice here using PayPal (use the friends and family to avoid processing fees). The total is $250, which is 50% off the retail price of $500. This is a one-time fee. This ensures your spot in the Beta course. **This is non-refundable as we are reserving your spot for the entire course.

Step #2:

Please request to join the Closed Facebook Group

AND you can stay in the closed FB group FOREVER!!


Step #3:

Wait for more details to come by email and in the FB group on what to do to prep for the course! Feel free to introduce yourself, post questions that you most likely already have and hang tight as we gather specifics on where to login come November!!


Step #4

Know that you are in this Beta course because your honest feedback is valuable to us! We want to ensure this course offers you new information about marketing and strategies that will help focus your marketing plan with online therapy and be on your way from beginning to expanding!

So, get ready. We want to hear feedback every step of the way. A survey will be given before, mid-way and at the end. But don’t wait for that! Speak up and know that constructive feedback is the name of the game 🙂

And…if you like the course, your testimonial (and sharing with your therapist buddies) would be of great value to us.


Questions? Concerns? Ideas?

Email me: [email protected]

Call/Text me: 612-642-1355


We can’t wait to get started! See you in a few months!