Marketing Workshop for Online Therapists


August of 2020! Secure your spot today as space is limited to first come first serve!


If you are like most clinicians, you are very well prepared to see clients in your practice. But…what about the business side of things? Nobody teaches us how to market ourselves in a simple way that makes sense for our busy clinical lives.


Especially as a small business owner, being able to simply convey the value your business brings to the world is critical. And, simply summarizing years of schooling, clinical work, and experience in a cohesive, quick way is much harder than it sounds.


In this workshop, Elizabeth will guide you through the steps to craft a simple professional summary, often called an elevator speech. (It’s called that as it’s how you’d describe yourself quickly, while riding up an elevator.)


“An elevator speech, elevator speech, or elevator statement is a short description of an idea, product or company that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time.” Wikipedia


We’ll start with defining your secret sauce, or what is special and unique about you and your group practice. Next, we’ll outline your value proposition, or the “why,” for you and your group practice. Finally, we’ll take these two building blocks and pull it all together in a simple , concrete format to easily apply to website copy, email marketing, and social media posts.


Define your brand

Understand your value proposition

Know how to communicate effectively with your target market

You’ll explore questions like:

  • What makes my online group practice unique? What is MY secret sauce?
  • How do I summarize all we do into a cohesive, consistent message (that then I can translate into all my marketing copy)?
  • How do I language my value proposition in a way that connects with my target audience?


You might be familiar with some of these marketing questions and answers…and you may have even done some of this work before…but Elizabeth will take you through a refined, focused approach to gain massive clarity on what makes YOU unique! This is KEY to ANY marketing strategies you then employ!


Join a 90-minute workshop to figure out how to simply and clearly describe your unique online group practice!

What have past participants said about the workshop?

“I learned so much from this course!  I realized in the first session that I was targeting the wrong clients!  Super helpful for those of us who don’t love the business/marketing side of practice.” – 2019 beta course therapist


“I liked these exploration exercises – they were structured and clear and helped me feel like I was making progress on a plan.” – 2019 beta course therapist

Dates and Times

**all times are CST, please note time zones for your area***

Webinar Interactive Course Dates

Two Sessions will be Offered:

Wednesday, August 5, 6:00-7:30 pm


Friday, August 7, 12-1:30 pm


      A few special notes

  • There will be dedicated time in each session to ask questions or get feedback.
  • This course will provide a framework and instructions for creating your elevator speech. Completion of the work is up to you, on your own time.
  • Elizabeth will share the presentation after the session!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Rossini and I have more than 20 years of marketing experience with startups and innovative parts of large companies. I love taking the best practices learned in corporate America and helping other small businesses grow.

I have spent my career building marketing for businesses, in the healthcare space specifically. With deep experience in telehealth and healthcare, this is where I’ve worked:

Launched NowClinic Online Care, which was built on the AmericanWell platform, within the UnitedHealthGroup family of companies.

Launched the first primary care telehealth platform, NowClinic, in Rite Aid retail stores.

Integrated Teledoc platform into UnitedHealthGroup’s ecosystem

Designed Hennepin Healthcare (formerly HCMC’s) telehealth program from scratch, including building workflows and launching four pilot programs


And, here is my elevator pitch for my own small business:

As a fractional, interim or part-time marketing leader for healthcare, startup and social impact businesses, I love to help my clients make money, faster, via smart marketing investments. I believe that marketing should produce value for an organization.


Key areas of expertise:

  • Demand generation, focused on getting more new customers, more quickly and expanding revenue from existing customers
  • Marketing and go to market strategy, planning and tactical execution
  • Budget creation and management, from $0-$25M (annual)
  • Trust-based leader, building marketing teams of 2-25+ from scratch and leading them through dynamic change
  • B2B, B2C and B2B2C/channel experience


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Can’t wait to get started! See you soon!