Concierge & VIP Counseling

Concierge & VIP Counseling

Cost: $1,950
This is a monthly package – only 5 of these spaces are available at a time!!
Confidential & secure: your privacy is my priority. My service is tailored to your individual need. Concierge services are ideal for those who desire a plan that avoids the involvement of insurance.
By providing counseling this way, you don’t have to be given a diagnosis that will be attached to your treatment and have it follow you or be discovered later in life. Therapy doesn’t have to be because something is “wrong” – it can be a support to keep things going “right” or to gain more insight into yourself.
You will be receiving the highest level of attention with services available outside of typical office hours, including weekends. These services include:
  • Up to 6 sessions per month, priority booking for appointments
  • Unlimited text access via secure/encrypted messaging system
  • Priority phone, text and email response – generally within 2 hours
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Standing appointments and backup when needed
  • Extended session time when needed (full hour vs standard 45 min session)


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