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4 Ways to Summon the Spirit of Spring

4 Ways to Summon the Spirit of Spring in Quarantine

By: NY based guest blogger, Jenny Zhao

 Day X of Y number of days into Stay-At-Home Orders…


At this point you may be feeling a case of the spring fever, heightened by quarantine fatigue. You’re slurping the dregs of the Netflix barrel, breaking out of knitting fever, and baked a whole boulangerie’s worth of banana sourdough. Outside is still lava, as COVID-19 cases are still at highs and breaking quarantine is sure to garner some disapproving reprimands. Luckily, we’re as bored as you are.
Here at Synergy we’ve compiled a few creative ways to enjoy the changing of the seasons safely.

Dive Into Your Spring Wardrobe and Spritz on a Spring Scent

Part of getting into the spring mood is looking the part. With the rising temperatures, now’s a great time to reach into the recesses of your

closet and pull out that cute colorful sundress, t-shirt, or snorkel gear you’ve been storing. Make your hallway the runway for Spring/Summer Fashion Week. There are no rules to how you need to dress so you can be as conservative or scandalous. If you’re looking for a sign to try that lace+leopard and sandal+socks combo you’re too ashamed to otherwise show off.

For bonus points, give yourself a mood boost with spring scents –  jasmine, rose, white musk, amber, cardamom, and fruity smells are great for spring!
Smell is our most sensitive sense and one of the strongest linked to our feelings and memory, so pull out your favorite spring scent to help boost your mood!

Have an Indoor Picnic and Stream a Botanical Show

Many of your favorite spring events can be recreated indoors with a little technical creativity. If you happen to own a projector, try tuning into a digital tour of the national parks or botanical show. Throw on your best finery and have yourselves a mini soiree!

Close your eyes – you’re not in your bedroom, you’re toasting under a cherry blossom tree.

Bring the Garden Indoors

If you’re missing real greenery, why not use this time to develop a green thumb?

Sites like Etsy and Food52 have convenient pre-packaged herb gardens for sale. If you have a large window with adequate sunlight, it might be the perfect candidate to grow some windowsill herbs.

Some great candidates are chives, rosemary, basil, and oregano – which are also perfect supplements to any spring dishes you create. There are also a number of gorgeous hanging plant arrangements off Pinterest to imitate and refresh your space.

Having plants is a great way to purify stale air and boost your mood with the scents of spring and pops of color.

Cook a Spring Dish

Remember the garden herbs mentioned?

They make a great addition to a number of spring dishes like spring veggie soups, spring salads, and bakes. Visit your local supermarket, order online, or check out your local shop to get the best of the season. Masterclass, YouTube, and Instagram have some amazing tutorials put on by fan-favorite chefs to help you get your culinary chops on. Just because we’re not brunching at our favorite restaurants or drinking mimosas by the pier doesn’t mean that we can’t recreate our favorite dishes.

You’re welcome for this digital nudge out of that cereal-pizza-ramen diet you got going on there.

Quarantining is hard and lonely but we here at Synergy are here to lighten the mental burden. Let us be your guide through these difficult times. Visit us here to set up a free consultation and chat with us about any of your seasonal woes, life revelations, and everything in between. We’re here for you!

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