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Adult And Pediatric Sleep Psychology

Dr. Evans is a Board Certified Behavioral Sleep Psychologist and can see clients in over 40+ states!

Do You Have... Insomnia, Sleep Schedule Problems, Nightmares, or Difficulty Sleeping With A C-PAP?


Are you having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting enough sleep?  

Do you take sleeping pills but still don’t sleep well?  Has adjusting to a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea been a struggle?  These issues may be interfering with your quality of life. Sleeping well is one of the best things you can do for both your physical and emotional health.  

Dr. Evans is Board Certified and a Diplomate in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and highly experienced in providing sleep therapy to adults and seniors.  These are some of the issues she can help with:

  • Insomnia and not getting enough sleep
  • Going to bed too early or too late
  • Adjusting to shift-work schedules
  • Being comfortable wearing a CPAP
  • Nightmares   
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She can also evaluate and help determine if there is a need for an overnight sleep study. She is able to assist in the process of tapering off of sleep medications under the guidance of your physician in conjunction with sleep therapy.

Sleep concerns and anxiety are common bedfellows.  If stress and anxiety are interfering with your sleep, we will work to resolve these as well.

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Children (18 Months +) and Adolescents

Is your child or teen having trouble:

  • Falling or staying asleep?
  • Getting enough sleep?
  • sleeping independently or in their own room?
  • Getting up for school or other activities in the morning due to being up too late?

Good sleep is essential for your child’s emotional and physical health, school performance and general wellbeing. Dr. Evans is very experienced working with child and teen sleep problems.  

If you have concerns about your child or teenager’s sleep, Dr. Evans will assess their sleep issues, and determine what is interfering with good sleep. She will then develop an individualized sleep plan for your child or teen and work with you to implement this plan. 

Stress, worry and anxiety can often be a part of sleep problems and if present, therapy will address these as well. 

How Does Online Therapy For Sleep Problems Work?

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We will start with an assessment to gather information and identify the sleep problems you, your child or teen are having and figure out what is interfering with your ability to get a good nights sleep. We will then develop an individualized  sleep plan that is non-pharmacological, safe and highly effective, designed to address your specific sleep issues.  

Dr. Evans utilizes evidence–based cognitive–behavioral therapy along with relaxation and mindfulness strategies. For uncomplicated insomnia, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT-i) is usually completed within 4-6 therapy visits. 

Sleep concerns and anxiety are common bedfellows. If anxiety is interfering with your sleep, we will work to resolve this as well.

Schedule A Consult With Dr. Patricia Evans

Dr. Patricia

Dr. Patricia Evans is a licensed psychologist in the state of Minnesota and is a part of PsyPact where she can see clients in over 40+ states. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Minnesota and then completed her pre-doctoral internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland in Behavioral Pediatrics and Adult Behavioral Medicine.

She then became a professor in Clinical and Behavioral Psychology at the University of Puget Sound in Washington State. While on the West coast, she completed a Senior Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Washington Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Dr. Evans returned to Minnesota where she worked at Aspen Medical Group and Allina Health for more than 30 years. At Aspen Medical Group she was the head of the Behavioral Medicine Program and Co-Director of the doctoral-level internship program for many years

Dr. Evans is happy to provide a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with you to learn more about what you are experiencing at this time and explain how eTherapy could benefit you or a loved one.

Free 15 Minute Consult With Dr. Evans

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Free 15 Minute Consult With Dr. Evans

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