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Choosing to make your mental wellness a priority is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family!

Online Counseling is an Investment!


What is the cost of Online Counseling with Synergy eTherapy?

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We are so glad that you’ve decided to put your mental wellness as a top priority. Online therapy is an investment in YOUR well-being. It also benefits the people you love because when you feel better, you are able to put more time and attention into your relationships.

Synergy eTherapists have decades of real-world experience guiding and supporting clients just like you. They help them understand why they feel as they do. Then, they teach their clients new ways to cope with life’s hardships and demands.

FREE Consultations for Online Therapy Services!

Contact Synergy eTherapy to set up a free online therapy consultation with the eTherapist providing online counseling in your state. During this consultation, you can become comfortable with our etherapy video platform. You will also have the chance to ask your etherapist questions to determine if online therapy will meet your needs.

Synergy eTherapy was proud to be named on of the Top 7 Online Therapy platforms in 2020 for kids/teens for our FREE Consultations!

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Synergy eTherapists set their own rates. Synergy eTherapists may offer several different session lengths (30, 45, 50, and 75 minutes).For a Typical eTherapy session (45/50 min), session fees vary from $125.00 – $200.00 depending on therapist and state.

The cost of online therapy varies depending on the length of your etherapy session and the therapist you see. They set their rates based on the going rate of therapy in the state they work in and the amount of education or specialized training they have received.

All of our online therapists do their best to offer services at a reasonable cost that is oftentimes lower than the average rates in their area. For specific questions related to cost, please ask your therapist during your initial consultation.

Is eTherapy Out of Network (OON)?Anxious woman checking her insurance policy to see if online therapy with synergy etherapy is covered. Online therapy for anxiety from a professional counselor online can help you now.

For most of the states we are providing services in, we are considered Out-Of-Network (OON). This means that you will need to check your insurance plan to see if you have OON benefits. Many health insurance plans cover mental health therapy. However, not all cover online therapy or tele-mental health (by phone and video). 
We request that you pay for your appointment when scheduling an eTherapy session. We accept all major credit cards and Health Savings Account (HSA) credit cards.
We are happy to provide you with a detailed receipt for service. This is called a Superbill. Some plans may provide partial reimbursement for OON services and may also allow you to submit it to your Flexible Spending Account. Please consult your insurance carrier for more details about your specific health care plan.
As a courtesy to our clients, we’ve partnered with Franklin, an app to help you get money back from insurance for your therapy and psychiatry visits. If you choose to sign up with Franklin, they will automatically file your insurance claims.

Here’s how Franklin works:

1. Sign up.

2. Synergy automatically sends your superbill to Franklin monthly.
3. Franklin files your claims with insurance automatically. They’ll send you your superbill and claim status notifications.
4. You get your reimbursement check in the mail or your deductible is lowered.

Franklin charges 10% of the money you get back from insurance. Claims that are rejected or go towards your deductible are free.

To get started, sign up here. If you have any questions about Franklin or insurance, please email [email protected].

Insurance Information for South Carolina, Kansas, Georgia, and New York Clients

For South Carolina residents:

Kayce Bragg is in-network with Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Optum.

For Kansas residents:

Kayce Bragg is in-network with Cigna.

For  Georgia residents:

Kayce Bragg and Amanda Dutton are in-network with Cigna.

For New York residents:

If you reside in New York, we are in-network with several insurance providers through a company called Headway.Co. You can sign up with them for FREE and access our Synergy eTherapy services. Then, you can quickly search for your Synergy eTherapist by name in their directory. They will verify your insurance and bill your insurance provider directly on our behalf.

Do you offer Reduced Rates?

Please ask about our reduced rate option for clients without insurance or who are in financial need. Ultimately, our goal is to provide easier access to anyone seeking mental health treatment. We understand that the cost of high-quality therapy may be a hardship for some people. If this is the case for you, please let us know during your consultation call. We will do our best to be respectful of your situation and financial means.

Begin Online Therapy in Your State

happy young woman hugs herself after getting online therapy from an etherapist with synergy etherapyIf you are ready to begin online therapy, we would love to speak with you! Our therapists provide high-quality compassionate mental health care in several states. To begin etherapy in your state, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose your state, choose a therapist and set up a free consultation call OR just schedule your first intake session!
  2. Meet with an eTherapist in your state.
  3. Begin working on the mental health issues that matter most to you and find relief from your troubles.


As an online mental health counseling practice, our mission is to offer a variety of online therapy services to help you focus on your well-being. We take the stress out of getting the treatment you deserve. Synergy eTherapists provide flexible, convenient, and easy to use mental health services.

We offer online therapy in several states including MinnesotaIowaWisconsinSouth CarolinaNorth Dakota, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, New YorkNew Jersey, PennsylvaniaKansasCaliforniaFloridaColoradoVermont, and Georgia. We add new states to this list regularly.

Our online therapists can treat anxietytraumadepression, substance abuse, maternal mental health concerns, grief and loss, and more.

Our therapists help teenscollege students, adults, couples, and people with health conditions and chronic pain during online therapy. Additionally, we can offer psychiatric medication management in certain states.

Learn more about our online therapy group practice and the cost of online therapy here.