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Depression Treatment

woman suffering from depression sits against a wall holding her head in her hands. She goes to online depression treatment with Synergy eTherapy, an online counseling practice

Sometimes, you feel invisible and lost. Often, you notice that you’re thinking about negative and scary things, but you can’t seem to get out of this dark place. Your life seems good from the outside. Yet you feel empty. Depression makes you feel like something big is missing.

You’re tired of life like this, but you don’t have motivation to change anything either.  Maybe you’ve tried taking a supplement, thinking of things you’re grateful for or talking to your best friends. Yet….you still don’t feel like yourself.  You’re not even excited about the things you used to enjoy anymore. It’s like you’re a shell of yourself.

You really do want to get better. And you with it wasn’t so hard.  You thought you could just “will” yourself to feel better.
Maybe other people are starting to notice and worry about you.  Or maybe they aren’t. That on the outside everything looks so good people don’t even realize what you’re going through. Regardless, YOU know you’re not OK.  You know something has to change. 

You want to feel better.

You’d like to go to counseling. But most days you lack the motivation to go one more place. You’re already putting every ounce of energy you have into making it to work, taking care of your family or just trying to put one foot in front of another.
So…here you are.  You’re looking online for depression counseling. Because you know you need help. And you know turning on a computer to talk to someone might be easier than making it to an appointment across town.  You’re just looking for the right person who really understands what you’re going through and who you can connect with.  Someone that has some idea how to help you start really living again.  Help you feel happy again.
*You are in the right place.*

Depression Hurts and Makes Life Challenging

Depression, including Major Depressive Disorder, is more than being sad. And, it’s not something that just goes away on its own. Depression is a serious mental health disorder that significantly affects the way you function in your daily life.
Depression may be caused by biological, psychological, and/or social factors. These factors can cause changes in your brain activity. If you have ever felt trapped in your own mind with thoughts you can’t control, know that it’s not your fault and that help is available.

Bipolar Disorder

Another mental health condition that has symptoms of Depression is called Bipolar Disorder. This mental health condition can also be extremely debilitating. With mood swings that can go up really hi and down really low, or mood cycling, can cause impairment at home, work, school and with friends.

Some symptoms of Bipolar Disorder include:

woman with bipolar depression stares out the window. She receives online depression treatment and online counseling with synergy etherapy an online counseling practice

  • Mania (or Hypomania)
  • Racing thoughts
  • Distractibility
  • Unusual behaviors like increased spending and making poor decisions
  • Increased energy or movement
  • Decreased need for sleep


  • Sad, down, depressed mood
  • Hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in enjoyed activities
  • Low energy
  • Insomnia or sleep problems
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Symptoms of Depression

depressed man at home before meeting with a Synergy eTherapy therapist for online depression treatment and counseling

The signs and symptoms of depression may vary from person to person. Major depression is characterized by at least a two week period of a persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest in things that used to be enjoyable. This feeling can lead to different physical and behavioral symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Depression include:

  • Changes in sleep
  • Appetite changes/weight loss or gain
  • Lack of concentration,
  • Poor self-esteem,
  • Thoughts of self-harm, death or suicide.

Why Should You Get Treatment for Depression?

Once you know that what you’ve been feeling isn’t a character flaw or that you somehow “deserve” to feel this way, you can make the first step towards healing. Many people need support to heal from depression. This may include help from your medical doctor/psychiatrist, family, friends, and a therapist. With help, you can process your feeling and learn techniques to cope with moving forward in your life.
Leaving depression untreated increases the risk of it becoming a chronic disease. It also could lead to (or be caused by) substance use, chronic pain or illnesses, other mental health problems like anxiety. Untreated depression can also lead to thoughts or attempts of suicide. Depression is scary, but it can be treated.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Feel Better

Most depression treatment involves talk therapy, medication, or a combination of both. Research continues to show that brain changes associated with depression can be helped by treatment. Taking the time to get better and staying committed to your treatment is important. This will prevent your depression from coming back and controlling your life. All of our Synergy eTherapists have years of clinical experience working with patients suffering from high or low levels of depression. Talk to your therapist about their style of psychotherapy.
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What to Expect From Online Depression Counseling?

woman with depression meets with a Synergy eTherapist for online depression treatment and online depression counseling

Have you had really bad days, the ones where you can’t get out of bed or take a shower? On those days, it is impossible to find the motivation to leave your house. Even if its to go to therapy. However, you still deserve to have therapy so that you can begin making progress in your treatment plan. Online counseling can help!

Synergy therapists offer convenient and flexible appointment times including nighttime and weekend appointments. Therefore, you are sure to find a time to meet with a therapist that fits into your day. We also offer direct texting with your therapist in between sessions as needed can also keep the momentum going in therapy. Many of our therapists give their clients resources like books, podcasts or meditation apps. This can really help them feel connected to their treatment process.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Feel Better

Sometimes the hardest step is deciding to get help and finding the motivation to get depression treatment. If you are struggling, or if you know someone who is, hope is just a click away. You don’t have to live a life filled with sadness, and we are here to get you back on track. Synergy eTherapy is available to help you feel relief from the symptoms of depression.

Begin Depression Treatment with Synergy eTherapy

depressed woman finds relief from the symptoms of depression and sits on the couch with coffee. She had online depression treatment with synergy etherapy an online counseling practice.

If you are suffering from depression, help is available. You can learn to manage you depression symptoms and begin to feel like yourself again from the comfort of your own home with the help of our online counseling services. Synergy eTherapists have a talented therapy team that is committed to helping you find relief from the symptoms of depression. To begin online counseling in your state and start feeling like a better version of yourself soon, follow these steps:

  1. Learn more about online therapy by reading our FAQ page
  2. Meet with the online therapists in your state for a free video consultation,
  3. Start working on the issues that matter most to you and find relief from depression.


As an eTherapy practice, our mission is to offer a variety of online counseling and therapy services to help you focus on you. Furthermore, we take the stress out of getting the mental health treatment you deserve with our flexible, convenient, and easy to use services.  Our skilled, caring online therapists offer online counseling in several states including Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, New York, South Carolina, Florida, Kansas, California, Illinois, Maine, and Georgia. We add new states to our list on a regular basis. Depending on the online therapist you see in your state, we offer counseling for traumadepression, anxiety, postpartum mental health, substance abuse, medical conditions and more.  Our online therapists provide services for teenscollege students, adults, couples, and families. Also, we to offer psychiatric medication management in some states. To learn more about the costs of our services, please visit the cost of investment page. Getting mental health services doesn’t have to be hard. Online counseling may be the answer you’ve been looking for to get the help you are wanting!

Synergy eTherapy really helps me to open up my mind and see things from a different perspective. The conversations are nice because I feel a lot less alone…

If at any time you feel suicidal, STOP and please call 9-1-1 immediately or go to your local emergency room. This site is not intended, nor equipt to handle crisis situations.

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