Forbes Health named Synergy eTherapy BEST OF 2023 FOR ONLINE CBT THERAPY and one of the BEST ONLINE THERAPY SERVICES OF 2023 by Forbes Health!


Thank You For Your Interest In Becoming A Clinical Mental Health Trainee With Synergy eTherapy!

Some of our current trainees!

Synergy eTherapy is a multi-state collective of Independent Licensed Clinicians & Clinical Mental Health Trainees with a similar passion…to reach more people where they are at in order to increase access to mental healthcare.

We started an online training program years ago when online therapy was not yet “a big thing” in our field! 

Come and learn from the pioneers of online therapy and:

  • Gain exceptional clinical skills!
  • Utilize technology to engage in high- quality therapy.
  • Learn how to run your own online practice one day (and hopefully, within our group!)
  • Receive supervision from one of the best, Kayce Bragg! Weekly group supervision provided.
  • Stay connected with other licensed, seasoned therapists/psychologists in our group.
  • Build your portfolio by writing blogs that will be published on our website!
  • Have access to trainings about marketing your online practice!
  • Have the option of attending our group’s in person yearly summit!

If you’ve always wanted to one day have your own online private practice or work independently within a group setting, then this training program might be a great fit for you! You’ll learn a variety of clinical and business aspects in the world of being an online therapist!

As one of the first 100% online group practices in the nation, our group has always been online. We take great pride in having a smaller group of highly-skilled clinicians (who are all amazing people!) working together to support one another. A mix of clinician independence along with ample support is what we value at Synergy eTherapy.

We also strive to maintain a diverse team of licensed professionals with a wide range of clinical experiences as well as personal attributes that are a good fit for our company culture.

Synergy offers you everything you need to do this well – ethically and legally. All the heavy lifting is done for you.

Creating your own practice takes time, work, and a little financial input until you get going – but the need is there and it is such a nice way to earn a little extra income without going anywhere!

If you would like to apply to become a clinical trainee with our group, please fill out the contact information form below and upload a cover letter along with a current copy of your resume.

We will review your information and contact you to let you know the status of your application. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

For INTERNS who have additional questions before applying, please complete the form and you may also email Kayce Bragg:

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