How to Build an Online Therapy Group Practice!

You are in the Right Place if You…

  1. Are doing online work solo, but would like to bring on independent contractor therapists to work with you (either in your state or other states).
  2. Are an in-person group practice owner and are thinking about expanding to the online therapy world.
  3. Had to pivot during Covid-19 and took your therapy practice from in-person to all online. But, you’re wondering now what?


Photo of Dr. Lisa Herman Lovelace who is an online therapist and founder of Synergy eTherapy who provides online therapy in the United States


I’m a therapist who, before 2012, didn’t offer online therapy. That’s when I began noticing the appeal of an online therapy practice and I started doing online therapy. I was doing online therapy before it was such a big thing and so popular! Then, I quickly added on a few colleagues and my practice grew significantly in the first three years alone! Synergy eTherapy was one of the first online therapy group practices in the United States. Now, we provide high-quality mental health services in 16 states. And, we are always hiring new clinicians to provide even more services in even more states. It isn’t easy. It isn’t quick. But, I know YOU can do this too!


Along the way, I did tons of research, made some errors, and learned so much. Now, I would like to share that knowledge with you! You are here because you are curious about online therapy, therapy, and teletherapy. And, you want to remotely engage with your clients providing them high-quality mental health treatment. I am here to help you learn from my experiences so YOU can grow your online therapy group practice just like I did!

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Online Therapy Group Practice MASTERMIND!

October 2020 – January 2020


I know that building an online therapy group practice may seem daunting, especially now. But, it’s doable and necessary to meet the needs of potential clients. Therefore, I’m super excited to offer a much needed and requested LIVE VIDEO Group Mastermind this Fall!


This will be a 4 month closed Group Mastermind to give us time and space to dive deep into all of the details so many of you ask all the time! I recently did a BETA Mastermind and the #1 feedback I received was that it needed to be longer in duration…so I took your feedback AND that is what we will do!

What You’ll Get in the Online Therapy Group Practice Mastermind:

  • Eight, 90-minute LIVE group video calls (with recordings emailed to you after to watch later and/or if you can’t join LIVE)
  • Lifetime access to the Private FB Group for Mastermind attendees (which includes 2Xmonth LIVE Q&A’s)
  • Several recorded calls with experts in the field like a Human Resources Attorney, Insurance Credential Company, Marketing gurus, and more!


Starting or refining your group practice…all ONLINE is no easy task!

Let’s do this together in a fun, collaborative, and action-oriented way!


LIVE Group Video Calls will be flexible with what dates/times work for most; however, options currently include (in a pandemic, we need flexibility!!) either (or both) Mondays (likely sometime between 8:30am-1pm) and Saturdays (between 9am-3pm) CST.


Payment secures your spot and spaces will be limited to 10 (and I won’t be offering the Mastermind again until March 2021 at the earliest)! So, if you are on the fence and not sure if this is right for you at this time, just email me and I will be able to guide you in the decision making process of whether this is a good fit for you at this time! Reach out to me at [email protected]


You will have the option to either pay in full or do 4 monthly payments, whatever option works better for you! The price of the Mastermind per month is just a little over the cost of my 1 hr. Individual Consultation calls with group practice owners…but in the Mastermind there is 3 hrs. worth of Video Calls per month and a personal invitation to a Private FB Group where I will be LIVE every other week we don’t meet to answer any brief questions (and so much more)!

Online Therapy Group Practice Building MASTERMIND - Fall 2020

The Online Therapy Group Practice Mastermind Class will Address the Following Issues:

Business Set Up

✔ Should I just have clinicians in my state? What about a multi-state group practice?

✔ What do my privacy policies need to include?

✔ What is my branding and how do I create my logo?

✔ How do I design my website? What social media platforms should I be on?

✔ Do I hire independent contractors or W-2’s?

✔ Do I need a lawyer? Where do I find one?

Clinician Related Workflows

✔ What will my clinician onboarding process look like?

✔ How do I know if a clinician is a good fit for this type of practice?

✔ What all should I include in my clinician proposals?

✔ What will the fee structure be for my clinicians? How do I pay them? What is each clinician responsible for based on that fee structure?

✔ Will I only take clinicians already online? If not, what all do I need to do for training? How will I deliver the training?


✔ How will I do marketing for the group practice?

✔ Where do I market?

✔ What is my niche? Ideal client? And how do I connect them in my marketing efforts?

✔ How do I market for new clinicians?

✔ How will my brand and practice stand out so clinicians want to onboard with my practice?

Client Related Workflows

✔ What workflows do I need to create and what do they include?

✔ What will be the process for incoming clients?

✔ What is the consult call process?

✔ Will we take insurance? Private pay only?

✔ How will we handle incoming calls? Do we have an answering service?

I Know How Overwhelming It Can Feel to Start an Online Therapy Group Practice…

Dr Lisa Lovelace is an online therapist and founder of Synergy etherapy who provides online therapy in several states in the United States.

There was so much to learn. The questions I had were endless. AND, I didn’t know where to start. So, I know what things are most important when starting your own online therapy group practice. 


I’ve been there many times over. So, that’s why I decided to jump in and share what I’ve learned that way you don’t have to figure every little detail, as I did! I found the resources. I’ve established my workflows. And, I know what my onboarding process looks like and how it works for me. I’ve navigated the maze of having a multi-state group practice online. I established a marketing strategy (and even created a course on that)!


What I will tell you is this. Do I have ALL the answers? No. I most certainly do not, but what I can do is provide for you many solutions that have worked for me, resources, and strategies so you can then take that information and build the online therapy group practice that works for YOU!


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So, Are YOU Ready to Join Us in the October 2020 to January 2021 Mastermind?!?

If so, payment secures your spot (and I am not taking more than 10)! Email me if you still have questions at [email protected]!

One-on-one Consultations

If group masterminds are just not your thing, and you do better one-on-one, feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] Tell me who you are and what you are looking to do with your practice!

The price is $397.00 for an hour-long consult with me. This will take place over video. On this call, we can take a deep dive into your practice and think about ways to improve your online group practice.

Other Professional Development Services for Therapists Offered by Dr. Lisa Herman Lovelace:

Dr. Lisa, founder of Synergy eTherapy offers other professional development opportunities to help you grow your online therapy practice. These include a marketing course for online therapists, one-on-one consultations, and mental health presentations and resources. Reach out to our online therapy practice today to join our waitlist for a course or to schedule with Lisa.


We are in this together,


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