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How To Build An Online Therapy Group Practice!

Your Are In The Right Place if You...

  • Are doing online work solo, but would like to bring on independent contractor or W2 therapists to work with you (either in your state or other states).
  • Are an in-person group practice owner and are thinking about expanding to the online therapy world.
  • Had to pivot during Covid-19 and took your therapy practice from in-person to all online. But, you’re wondering now what?

I Can Help you Build, Grow, And Refine Your Online Therapy Group Practice!

I’m a therapist who, before 2012, didn’t offer online therapy. That’s when I began noticing the appeal of an online therapy practice and I started doing online therapy. I was doing online therapy before it was such a big thing and so popular! Then, I quickly added on a few colleagues and my practice grew significantly in the first three years alone! Synergy eTherapy was one of the first online therapy group practices in the United States. Now, we provide high-quality mental health services in nearly all states. And, we are always hiring new clinicians to provide more services to clients in the rest of the states. It isn’t easy. It isn’t quick. But, I know YOU can do this too!

Along the way, I did tons of research, made some errors, and learned so much. Now, I would like to share that knowledge with you!
 You are here because you are curious about online therapy, therapy, and teletherapy. And, you want to remotely engage with your clients providing them high-quality mental health treatment. I am here to help you learn from my experiences so YOU can grow your online therapy group practice just like I did!

Not only will the group be a source of support, but I will truly be listening to what you need. This helps me ensure that I provide content and resources that you will find most valuable!

Dr. Lisa Lovelace

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Reviews Of The Course!

Mini-Course Member
Mini-Course Member@username
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"I'm loving the course! I've already learned so much! I got up early so I could work on it!"
Mini-Course Member
Mini-Course Member@username
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"I am so glad I found your course. I had no idea of how to do this and now it’s all happening so fast."

Courses & Consults and more!!

From on demand courses to 1:1 consultations…

 I’ve got you!!!


Let’s deep dive into your practice and think about ways to expand!

Reviews Of The 1:1 Consultations!

 Shawniel Chamanlal from Healing Springs Wellness
Shawniel Chamanlal from Healing Springs Wellness@username
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"One of the most valuable processes Lisa went through with me is a clear guiding map of what is my vision, purpose and my "why" for doing what I wanted to do. She really helped me weed through certain hiring aspects that I had to know first before bringing on clinicians."
Megan Smith Gunnell from Thrive Advantage
Megan Smith Gunnell from Thrive Advantage
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“The one hour spent learning from Lisa was invaluable and helped me so much! She answered every question I had and calmly guided me through a step by step process of what to do to begin building my group. My only regret is that I didn’t do all of this sooner!”

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