How to Build an Online Group Practice!

You are at the right place if you:

  1. Are doing online work solo but would like to bring on independent contractor therapists to work with you, either in your state or other states;
  2. Are an in-person group practice owner and are thinking about expanding to the online therapy world;
  3. Are just starting out in online therapy and would like to build your own online therapy group practice from the ground up!


African American woman in a business suite with a computer she uses for online therapy in Minnesota.


As a therapist who never had an in person practice, I started out doing online therapy in 2012 before this was such a big thing! I quickly added on a few colleagues and my practice, over only 3 short years, grew significantly!


It isn’t easy. It isn’t quick. But, YOU can do this too!



Not Sure Where to Begin in Building Your Online Group Practice?

  • What Workflows Should I Create?
  • What Do My Workflows Need to Include?
  • Should I Just Have Clinicians in My State? What About a Multi-State Group Practice?
  • How Will I Keep Track of Everything and Everyone?
  • What Will My Clinician Onboarding Process Look Like?
  • How Will I Do Marketing for the Group Practice? How Much is Each Clinician Responsible For?
  • How Do I Know if a Clinician is a Good Fit for this Type of Practice?
  • Will I Only Take Clinicians Already Online? If Not, What All Do I Need to Do for Training? How Will I Deliver the Training?
  • What About Lawyers? Accountants? Web Developers?
  • And the List Goes On…
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I Know How Overwhelming It Can Feel…

There was so much to learn. The questions I had were endless. AND, where did I even start? What was the most important things to know?


I’ve been there many times over, and that is why I am currently creating this course to help all of you that way you don’t have to figure every little detail out like I did! I’ve found the resources. I’ve established my workflows. I know what my onboarding process looks like and how it works for me. I’ve navigated the maze of having a multi-state group practice online. I established a marketing strategy (and even built a course just for that specifically)!


What I will tell you is this. Do I have ALL the answers? No. I most certainly do not, but what I can do is provide for you many solutions that have worked for me, resources, and strategies so you can then take that information and build the online group practice that works for YOU!


While I continue to build the course in the background, I have created a Private FB Group to offer additional support and networking opportunities.




Not only will the group be a source of support, but I will truly be listening to what you need help with to ensure that I create that content in the course.


In the meantime, make sure you have hopped on the waitlist (just enter name and email below) so you are the first to know about the course…and, I will also be connecting between now and then with any additional tips and support along the way.


Looking forward to connecting with you all,