For a second year in a row, Forbes Health named Synergy eTherapy as one of their BEST OF categories in Online Therapy Services! We are awarded in 2024 for BEST ONLINE THERAPY Services for KIDS & TEENS!

About Synergy eTherapy

Mission & Values

Our mission is to increase the availability of high-quality psychological services to member of our community by electronic means (eTherapy/Online Counseling) in order to improve mental health and overall well-being. 

We offer goal-oriented individual, couple and family mental health counseling in a comfortable, flexible and convenient manner. Our exceptional and dedicated therapists are all licensed (or trainees supervised by licensed) therapists with years of experience in their field.

Each therapist was chosen to be a part of this independent group practice based on their personal and professional accolades.

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Who is Online Therapy for?

Adult Individual eTherapy – You must be at least 18 years old to participate in individual eTherapy. We will discuss any situation you would like to improve and find strategies to help move you forward.

Child/Teen Individual eTherapy – With parental/guardian permission, older children and teens can engage in eTherapy.  Communicating electronically tends to be the younger generation’s most comfortable mode of operating! If your teen is struggling in school, at home, with peers, or they just need an outsider’s professional opinion, they may be more comfortable discussing their difficulties online rather than going into a doctor’s office. Parental/guardian involvement is mandatory.

Family eTherapy – Parents, kids, grandparents, or anyone in your family can be involved in eTherapy at the same time! Synergy eTherapists can help you all to listen to one another, express yourselves more effectively, and establish family rules that work best for your culture, values and lifestyle.

Couples eTherapy – Couples therapy is intended for two people in a relationship. Both should be willing to engage in the session equally. Similar to family therapy, eTherapy will help you to express yourself to one another and find solutions to difficulties as well as encourage what IS working!

How Did Synergy eTherapy Begin?

Dr. Lisa Lovelace first started engaging in online counseling way back in 2013 (before online counseling was even a “thing”) when she moved back from New York to Minnesota. At that time, she wondered how she could keep her NY psychology license while working and living in Minnesota. She didn’t know anyone offering online counseling and just dove right in. She created a simple website with the help of her (still) web designer, Gabriel Valdez from NerdAlert Solutions and began seeing NY clients virtually.

In 2016 while working at the University of Minnesota, Dept of Psychiatry, her colleague Andria Botzet, LMFT mentioned wanting to open her own online counseling practice. This was the catalyst for Dr. Lisa to expand her business and bring on other therapists to the group. A rebrand was necessary with a new online group practice name, logo and website to showcase the collaborative nature of the group practice. Synergy eTherapy opened its virtual doors in March of 2017.

Since this time, Synergy eTherapy has been recognized as one of the first truly 100% virtual online group practices for mental health services in the nation and received national recognition for our free consultations for teens. Synergy has grown to include amazingly talented therapists & psychologists and expanded into offering clinical services to clients all over the country!

Before the global Covid-19 pandemic, Synergy eTherapy was ahead of the game offering online counseling services to kids, teens, adults, families and couples. Our services were never disrupted, fortunately for our clients and therapists. Our clients knew they could count on us to continue to help them achieve their wellness through one of the hardest times many of us have ever experienced. There already was a mental health crisis and a pandemic exacerbated things to a level we have never seen.

Right before the pandemic, therapists who followed along as Synergy grew were starting to dip their toes into the online therapy waters. After the pandemic, everyone was online, including in person group practices! Dr. Lisa began helping other therapists quickly learn how to expand their own solo practices to form an online group. With a huge Facebook following of therapists and a joy to help other therapists learn faster than she did, Dr. Lisa began creating courses for therapists, teaching them how to build their own online group practice, and she also offers 1:1 consulting for those who like additional targeted support.

Seeking care has never been easy. Mental health treatment holds a stigma (although getting better) that hinders people from seeking what they deserve. With online therapy, we allow clients to receive the care they truly desire in the comfort of their own surrounding. Whether at work, home, on vacation or while the kid(s) sleep, people can finally make their mental health a priority.

It’s our pleasure to support you and help you become your best self today, tomorrow and for generations to follow…

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Dr. Lisa Lovelace
Owner, Clinical Psychologist

I'm so glad that you found Synergy eTherapy! Your wellbeing is our first priority! We will make therapy easy for you, on your time, anytime! All of our therapists offer a free consultation to ensure this is the right service AND right therapist for you or a loved one. Online counseling is here to stay! We look forward to working with you to help achieve your wellness goals.

Please note that Synergy eTherapy is not intended, nor able to handle crisis situations.

If at any time you feel suicidal, STOP and please call 9-1-1 immediately or go to your local emergency room. 

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