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Teen/Adolescent Counseling

Teen Counseling

It’s not easy being a teenager. You’re expected to start acting like an adult even though you might not be treated like one. Adolescence is a very unique developmental period in our lives. Hormones are raging, friends mean so much more (it seems) than family, and the “what do I do after high school” can be a looming. It’s no wonder so many teens feel anxious.

Between the demands of school, family, and friends, it can be difficult to express your true self in these different settings. Knowing who you are is an ongoing process throughout life.

Adolescence is also a time of big physical and emotional changes which can lead to all kinds of challenges.  Furthermore, these changes and this search for who you can lead to conflict between parents and teenagers.

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While everyone goes through this challenging period of life, we all experience it in a different way and it’s harder for some than others.  Many teenagers find that it’s important to have a support system to maintain good mental health as they move through all these changes.

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Why Online Teen Counseling

For many teenagers, eTherapy makes a lot of sense.  First of all, who has time for therapy when teenage life is so busy? With eTherapy, help can come right to your phone or computer on your own time. After a long day at school, doing homework, and going to practice, you can talk to your therapist from the comfort of your own room. Furthermore, many online therapists have nighttime and weekend appointments available to fit into a teen’s (and family’s) busy lifestyle!

Additionally, teenagers are used to forming relationships online.  In fact, much of their communication happens over technology. Therefore, your teen is most likely already comfortable communicating through the computer, tablet, or phone screen.  Online counseling meets teenagers exactly where they are already.

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Hey. We See You!

We see you even when you feel like nobody else does. Your days seem blurred by the to-do list of things your parents require and your school demands. You don’t get enough sleep. Doritos isn’t a food group. And your cell phone has become your best friend…you know, the one friend that you love and hate at the same time?!?

Some days you feel anxious and tense and others lethargic and unmotivated. It feels impossible to figure out life some days and it is easier to avoid than figure out how to cope. What’s normal teenage-hood and what’s really unhealthy? We can help you sort things out so that you can begin to feel better, enjoy your life, feel more in control, and learn to cope so that your overwhelm can dwindle.

It's Hard To Know What's Normal When It Comes To Mental Health & Teenagers.

It can be hard to tell the difference between “typical” teenage angst and more serious problems. If you are a parent, watching your child go through puberty can seem like a really big transition. Sometimes teens change their hairstyles (or cut it off), get piercings, tattoos, or even start to experiment with alcohol or drugs. So many things fall within the range of typical teenage development.

However, if you’re experiencing rapid emotional shifts that often feel out of control, problems at school like dropping grades or trouble with peers, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts or self-harm behaviors or other impulsive/dangerous behaviors, then it might be time to see a therapist. There is a point where typical teenage stressors become difficult to balance. If you feel like your parents just don’t understand you (or if you are a parent and feel like you just don’t recognize your child anymore) and don’t know what else to do, it’s time to get help from a teen therapist or counselor.

Reasons Teenagers Come To Counseling

There are many types of mental health treatment, and many different reasons teens and families consider counseling.  Sometimes, the issue bringing a teenager to counseling is relatively small and they’re just trying to cope with some temporary stress. Other times, the reasons can feel big and overwhelming.  Here are just a few reasons teenagers may start counseling:

  • Anxiety including social anxiety, test anxiety and worry about the future
  • Feeling overwhelmed in the age of constant digital communication
  • Relationship and friendship problems
  • Conflict between parents and teenagers
  • Depression
  • Adjustment to a parent divorce & other major life stressors
  • Feeling uncertain about the future
  • Self-esteem & identity concerns

Counseling is a great way for teens to start to learn more about themselves, their choices, and their emotions. For others, the balance has been off for a little bit, and things in their life are starting to go downhill with grades, fights, truancy, or simply being withdrawn. There is no need to suffer when you can get treatment. Therapy is a great way for teens and adolescents and their parents to build a trusting relationship with someone outside of their close circle who can help them navigate through this period of life. Even if you don’t think your issues are that serious, don’t wait until they are.

Online Teen Counseling Can Help

Emotions and adolescence can be very overwhelming for teens and parents both! With some guidance and support from a mental health professional, we all can move through this phase in life with grace.  Counseling can be an important form of support for your entire family during this time of transition. Please know that the online therapists at Synergy eTherapy are here to help you find your way.  Through online counseling sessions, you can learn to manage your emotions, build self-confidence, and improve your overall mental health. You are not alone in this fight to adulthood!

Begin Online Teen Counseling

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Your teenager deserves support.  In fact, you as a parent deserve support as well.  Our online therapists enjoy helping teenagers and families navigate the stress of adolescence.  You can begin teen counseling services with three simple steps:

  1. Visit our FAQ page for more information about online therapy
  2. Meet with a teen therapist in your state
  3. Get your teen mental health support so they can live their best life.

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Synergy eTherapy really helps me to open up my mind and see things from a different perspective. The conversations are nice because I feel a lot less alone…

If at any time you feel suicidal, STOP and please call 9-1-1 immediately or go to your local emergency room. This site is not intended, nor equipt to handle crisis situations.

Other Mental Health Services At Synergy eTherapy

As an online counseling practice, our mission is to offer a variety of online mental health therapy services to help you focus on you. We take the stress out of getting the treatment you deserve with our flexible, convenient, and easy to use mental health services. We offer online therapy in several states including MinnesotaIowaWisconsinNew YorkSouth CarolinaFloridaKansasCaliforniaIllinois, Maine, and Georgia with new states added to our list on a regular basis. Depending on the therapist you see, we can offer counseling for traumadepression, substance abuse, medical conditions and more. Our online therapists help teenscollege students, adults and couples. In addition, we are able to offer psychiatric medication management in some locations. For questions regarding our cost, please visit the cost of investment page. Getting help doesn’t have to be complicated. Online counseling may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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