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Grief is a very natural response when you experience loss. Rather it is losing someone close to you, or losing something you care about grief hurts. Grief is caused by many things like a loved one or close friend passed away, or a relationship ending. Or it can be triggered by job loss, children moving away/off to college, and more.

Everyone grieves differently, and that is ok. It is important to understand your emotions and to take care of yourself.

Signs and Stages of Grief

sad african american man sits and looks out the window. He gets online therapy and online grief counseling with Synergy eTherapyDenial– This is your body’s way of immediately coping with the loss. You may think “this isn’t really happening.”  You may feel numb, confused, fearful, or shocked.
Anger–  This is a common phase in the grief process. Maybe you think “why did this happen to me?” or “life isn’t fair!” Anger is a necessary stage of grieving. It is important to let yourself feel this emotion.
Bargaining– You may dwell on the “what if’s” or “if only”  Guilt often is accompanied by bargaining.
Depression–  As your new normal sets in, sadness can also creep its way in. You may begin to understand the effect of the loss on your life.  You may feel numb, want to withdraw from your life or commitments. When you’re depressed, it may be hard to talk to others about what is going on.
Acceptance– The final stage of grief, where you begin to accept the reality of your loss. Your emotions are beginning to stabilize. And, although you feel sad, you can begin to move forward. This does not mean that all your days from here on out will be good days. There will be good and bad days. But, the good days will outnumber the bad.

Online Grief Counseling Can Help You Move Through the Stages of Grief and Cope with Loss

So…here you are.  You’re looking online for counseling. Because you know you need help. And, you know turning on a computer to talk to someone might be easier than making it to an appointment across town. You’re just looking for the right person who really understands what you’re going through and who you can connect with.  Someone that has some idea how to help you start really living again.

Grieving is a process and it looks different for everyone.

Sometimes grief is temporary as you get over a breakup or lose a job you loved. You’ll likely mourn that loss for a bit. Then, when you date someone new or get a new job, over time that loss isn’t so important to you anymore. For losses like these, it’s normal to feel sad, confused, or even hopeless for a short time as you process the big emotions you might feel.

Other times, grief and loss are more permanent. For example, losing a spouse or child is not something you can “get over.” Grief’s intensity can change over time. However, you will always have that void and certain things can trigger the loss (a song, certain smell, or watching old videos) and this cycle may continue forever for many people.

Emotional Symptoms of Grieving:

Grieving women at the window. She receives online grief counseling and online therapy with synergy etherapy an online counseling practice

  • Increased irritability.
  • Numbness.
  • Bitterness.
  • Detachment.
  • Preoccupation with loss.
  • Inability to show or experience joy.

When your grief seems to last a long time and it starts to interfere in your daily functioning with friends, school, work, or family, it may be time to seek help from a professional. Therapy doesn’t stop the hurt, but it can help you learn how to manage the grief in a way that will allow you to move forward.


Online Grief Counseling Can Help You Cope with Grief and Loss

For many people who are struggling with grief or loss, online therapy can be a wonderful option to allow you the time and space to focus on how you feel, what you think, and ways to cope with grief and loss in a way that doesn’t add stress to your already busy day.

Therapists with Synergy eTherapy have helped countless teens and adults, couples, and families navigate the grieving process. Although most people go through the grief cycle, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Online therapy for those that have lost someone (or something like “normal” life due to COVID or loss of a job) offers a flexible and convenient approach towards personalized treatment that’s right for your family.

Begin Online Grief Counseling with Synergy eTherapy

bereaved woman finds relief from the grief and sits on the couch with coffee. She had online grief counseling with synergy etherapy an online counseling practice.

If you are suffering from loss, help is available. You can learn to manage your grief and begin to feel like yourself again with the help of our online counseling services. Synergy eTherapy has a talented therapy team that is committed to helping you find healing so you can feel whole again. To begin online therapy in your state, follow these steps:

  1. Learn more about online therapy by reading our FAQ page
  2. Meet with the online therapists in your state for a free video consultation,
  3. Start working on the issues that matter most to you and find relief from depression.


As an online mental health counseling practice, our mission is to offer a variety of online therapy services to help you focus on your wellbeing. We take the stress out of getting the treatment you deserve. Synergy eTherapists provide flexible, convenient, and easy to use mental health services.

In addition to online counseling in Maine, we offer online therapy in several states including MinnesotaIowaWisconsinSouth CarolinaNorth Dakota, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, New YorkNew Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, California, Florida, ColoradoVermont, and Georgia. We add new states to this list regularly.

Our online therapists can treat anxietytraumadepression, substance abuse, maternal mental health concerns, and more.

Our therapists help teenscollege students, adults, couples, and people with health conditions and chronic pain during online therapy. Additionally, we can offer psychiatric medication management in certain states.

Learn more about our online therapy group practice and the cost of online therapy here.

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