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Synergy Health E-Fund

According to a 2021 study, one of the most prevalent barriest to mental health care is affordability.

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At Synergy eTherapy, we know you are managing multiple roles and working hard to navigate difficult choices during these times of uncertainty. Your mental health and well-being are a priority; you deserve to receive the support you need.

The Health E-Fund offers mental healthcare scholarships for those ready to connect with a therapist but may lack the immediate resources to begin. By connecting with Synergy eTherapy, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and alone to being supported and on the path to wellbeing so you can focus on what matters most.

According to a 2021 study, one of the most prevalent barriers to mental health care is affordability. 

Americans are now reporting increased mental health challenges like depression, anxiety and suicidal behaviors. In addition, millions have experienced financial hardships, social isolation, stress and loneliness – all of which are shared risk factors for mental health conditions and substance misuse.

The Synergy eTherapy Health E-Fund currently benefits Minnesota individuals and families who have high insurance deductibles or are in financial distress. 

There are already so many barriers to therapy and we hope to reduce these obstacles for families who need it most.

To apply is simple. Please complete this FORM and answer all the questions as best as possible. Your information will be considered for financial assistance with sessions among any Minnesota Synergy eTherapist. 

Please note: 

*A recipient of the funds does NOT receive the money directly. The amount given will be added as a credit to their session(s) invoice. This will reduce the cost of what a client will need to pay (if at all) for one or several therapy sessions.

*Applying to receive financial support via this fund does not automatically ensure that you will receive support. Each application takes several aspects into consideration

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What Is The Synergy Health-E Fund?


The Synergy eTherapy Health E-Fund was started in early 2022 by a wonderful donation from a Minnesota family, The Kvasnik Family! 

This is a fund that we set aside for clients who are struggling financially to afford therapy due to financial distress, large co-pays, or other psychosocial factors at play.

“Mental health is so important and it allows us to be able to become the best versions of ourselves, whatever that is at that time.

I am beyond grateful for taking the step in the right direction for myself so that I too could be the best version of me for my family, friends, kids, husband and most importantly myself.

My family started the “Kvasnik Fund” in order to help others take that giant leap into their mental health journey and not have to worry about the financials.

Our hope is that everyone who wants to seek mental health is able to.

Thank you to Synergy eTherapy and namely Dr. Lovelace and the team who gives people the ability to discover who they always knew they could be!”

From our hearts to yours,

Lindsay, Scott, Spencer and Manning Kvasnik 

Donation Recognition On Behalf Of A Loved One?
Think About Donating To The Health E-Fund!

Do you have a family member that struggles with mental health and want to donate in their name?

Or, maybe someone you love has passed away by drug overdose, suicide, or another mental or physical ailment that fuels your passion to donate in their memory…

We Can Send A Donation Recognition Card To Let Them Know About Your Donation.

Want To Donate?

Please support those who need help the most. Every dollar makes a difference!

Just scan the QR code to donate using PayPal!

(Please note: your donation is not tax deductible)

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