5 Tips to a more MINDFUL day.

5 Tips to help you achieve a more MINDFUL day:

1. OBSERVE. See things as though you just saw them for the first time. What do you notice if you slow down and watch, look, and be?

2. Use your SENSES – you know, the sight – sound – taste ones. Think to yourself, “What does this smell like” when you walk outside to your car or “What does this taste like” when you take your first bite into your salad at lunch.

3. BREATHE. Just 2 minutes a day can be helpful. Belly breathe. Focus on your breath. Close your eyes and notice your belly rising and falling.

4. Be GRATEFUL. Who do you wish to get some peace? What are you thankful for? Give thanks and offer peace to others. It is a powerful skill to learn.

5. ACCEPTANCE. Where you are at in learning mindfulness is ok!! It’s a skill that takes practice. Accept where you are at in learning this new skill. Practice makes better.

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