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An unlikely advocate focuses on suicide prevention

To honor his father’s legacy
an unlikely advocate focuses on suicide prevention

Hohag founded LIVIN in the wake of his own father’s death by suicide in January 2013.

At first, Hohag, who now prefers to be known as PT in honor of his father, Thomas Hohag, was too blindsided by his loss to do much of anything. But with time, he realized that he wanted to make something positive out of his grief.

“I went through my own battles and struggles before starting LIVIN,” he explained. “It was a good 18 months after the loss of my father before I felt that I’d dealt with my own issues. Then I was ready to help other people.”

Finding a way to help others seemed appropriate, Hohag said, because his dad was all about improving the lives of those around him. And that’s exactly the way he’d like him to be remembered.

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