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Covid-19 has Changed Us. Here’s How.

Covid-19 has Changed us.

By: Alexis Zipkin

Synergy eTherapy Intern

All of our lives changed this year. In the blink of an eye, day-to-day life completely transformed in ways we never imagined.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a wide range of
emotions, from fear to uncertainty to gratitude. Many of us have felt a profound sense of loss,
whether it’s a job, a loved one, or even small things we took for granted like hugs and time with
friends. It’s been a tough year full of many changes.


But not all change is bad.

I asked some of my college-aged friends about how they found
ways to change and what good came from the change.

Here are a few responses pertaining to the pandemic:


“While being home all the time has been hard, I’ve decided to focus my energy on finding new things I love.

One of my new favorite things to do is cook!

While I’ve always liked it, I never put much time into it. Recently I’ve been trying out tons of new recipes and foods!

I’ve also learned a lot about gratitude and how I used to take normal everyday tasks for granted. I have taken a lot of time to reflect on this. I now set aside time every night to write in a gratitude journal and recognize one thing I feel blessed to have.”

“Since the pandemic and working from home, I’ve found joy in nightly walks with my
family after dinner. We typically are busy with life, so having the time to decompress
from the day, enjoy each others’ company (and digest dinner) has been really rewarding.”

“This quarantine has come with all sorts of changes and ups and downs. Throughout this time I have learned the importance of staying grounded and being grateful.

Each day I try to reflect on things that have changed in my life for the better.

I have created a space for myself to focus on self care, whether it be going for a long bike ride, having picnics, or simple things like getting a good night sleep. All of these small acts make each day a little bit better and more meaningful.”

“Finding a new hobby, spending time with loved ones, and learning to express gratitude are just some of the good things that have come from COVID-19 related changes.

While our heads and hearts are still consumed with the uncertainties of the pandemic, we can also look back on big life changes and lessons from previous times.

Moving from Boston to South Carolina was a big change, to say the least – I didn’t know anyone, the culture was different, the scenery was different, the climate – the only constant was my family.

I chose to take advantage of the fact that I now lived very close to my Mom’s side of the family, and as a result I stay in touch with and see them much more often than I did while I lived in Boston: at least weekly instead of a couple of times per year. Having them here has smoothed the adjustment enormously and adds an advantage to living here that I had never considered.”

Some people have an easier time adapting to change than others.


If you are struggling with change in your life right now, there are ways to both cope and learn from it. Finding a silver lining is a helpful way to identify what good can come from the change.

Think about the things you value, the people you love, and the life you want to live. How can you utilize change in way that empowers you? What steps can you take to re-frame and see the change as an opportunity rather than a problem?

If the change with which you’re struggling feels like too much to handle on your own, online therapy is the perfect tool to get you back on track. At Synergy eTherapy, we use a personalized and collaborative treatment approach that will help you regain control of your life.

You are not alone, and we are here for you!

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