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Family eTherapy could be right for you!

Let’s discuss family eTherapy!

Today we managed to successfully have our first Synergy eTherapy Live Facebook event! The glitch in electronics did not stop us from getting our message across to our Synergy community about eTherapy, including the many benefits to having your mental health counseling on your time in a flexible and convenient time frame for your busy life.

Andria Botzet, MA, LAMFT briefly discussed her work with families at the University of Minnesota, Department of Psychiatry as well as with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as an expert on parenting. Her years of clinical experience and expertise in family therapy has helped countless families improve their overall well-being as a family unit.

You might be asking yourself: who would engage in family eTherapy and what would Andria help all of us do?

Family eTherapy

  • Family focused eTherapy is for some or all of the members in your family that you believe would benefit from being a part of eTherapy.
    • Family is anyone you consider to be family! Parents, kids, grandkids, grandparents.. any family member who engages in your world on a consistent basis.
    • No two families are alike! We all have positive (and difficult) aspects to our families. As long as most of the family members are open-minded towards learning skills to improve the family functioning, eTherapy can be right for you.
  • The family may be seen for an eTherapy session (phone and/or video chat) all at once or family members might be seen individually.
    •  Andria will talk with you all to discuss what the problem(s) or dilemma is at that time and discuss the family goals. She will help you focus on goals that are specific and work for everyone.
  • The most widely discussed issues inside of family eTherapy include, but are not limited to:
    • Communication barriers
    • Child/Teen behavioral issues or coping with a family member who has a developmental disorder 
    • Anger, yelling, or emotionally charged interactions
    • Addictions (substance abuse, gambling, etc.)
    • Divorce or Separation
    • Blended families (step-parenting), adoption or foster family difficulties
    • A family member dealing with a chronic disease or illness or severe mental illness 
    • Bereavement (loss of a family member)
    • Sibling rivalry that is impairing the family’s functioning

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