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How Mental and Emotional Health Can Be Improved Through Exercise

How Mental And Emotional Health
Can Be Improved Through Exercise

Thank you to Health Today and Grayson Wayne  for focusing on #mentalhealth issues.

Anxiety disorders affect up to 40 million adults. That’s a lot of people walking around feeling, well, stressed out. Anxiety disorder is one of the most common psychiatric illnesses in the United States. A psychologist who studies the effects of exercise on depression and anxiety say that 10-minute walks could be comparable, or even better, than a 45-minute hardcore workout.

“Besides good sleep hygiene and healthy eating habits, exercise is a fabulous natural remedy to help combat anxiety. Anxiety is that fight/flight system in our body that responds to danger, real or perceived. Getting our bodies moving, getting our heart rate up, helps release those feel good – calm down chemicals that can reduce the anxiety response from perceived (or non-life threatening) danger. We don’t want to get rid of anxiety all together as it helps keep us safe from real danger!”

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