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How To Handle Conflict in Relationships





Thank you to Deep Soulful Love for having Dr. Lisa join the conversation on how to handle conflict

Relationships, especially intimate ones with a partner, spouse, parent or child, tend to be filled with a wide variety of emotions over the years. 

We strive to feel positive emotions within relationships like joy, happiness, connection, and empathy. However, when one or both parties within a relationship lack care and attention, their dynamic can begin to wilt. Just as plants need water to grow, so do relationships.

When we get stuck, stalled, or feel wilted in our relationship, resentment can build over time.

Resentment is something that typically brews slowly and one day, you realize that the bag of little things that annoyed you about your loved one is now filled with a ton of little things (and likely a few big things) that have been left open to fall all over the place.

There is an old saying during an argument that someone “threw in the kitchen sink” when an argument turns from something small into something big.

One will bring up old wounds that they have been harboring but never really addressed previously.

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