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How to Talk to Your Children About Race and Tragedy

Resources for How to Talk to Your Children

About Race and Tragedy

As the tragedy and recent incidents have shaken our cities and country, we are reminded of the important work we need to do to help ensure a safe and hopeful future for all children.

We  believe that it is essential that children feel supported, accepted and connected. We want to provide you with resources so you are able to talk to your children about race and tragedy. 


Parents or other adults often struggle with what to say to their children after a tragedy happens. Start by asking what they already know and have heard about the situation, because chances are, they have already heard and they have questions.

Healthy Children has published a great article about how to talk to your children about news and other events.
Find the article here.


Are you struggling with how to talk to your children about race and racism?
The truth is, there is no “one way” or “quick fix” when it comes to discussing the complexities of this topic.
Read here what experts have to say about this. 


Talking to children about racial bias 

Did you know by age 12 many children become set in their beliefs? That gives parents just over a decade to mold their learning and help them with understanding racial bias’ and improve cultural understanding.

We have found a wonderful article written by Healthy Children, on the topic of Talking to children about racial bias.

They have hit on many great points and suggestions on how to go about this matter with the children in our lives.

Read more about that here.

Books To Help Children Better Understand:


We have complied a short list of books that can better help you explain race to your children!
These books are great for ages 4-11


Where Are You From? 

Let’s Talk About Race

Something Happened in Our Town: A Child’s Story About Racial Injustice


That’s Not Fair!

I Am Not A Number 


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