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Life is not like the Bachelor!

Topic #15: Life is not like,The Bachelor.

What is our psychological fascination with The Bachelor? Are we overly voyeuristic? Do we secretly enjoy watching drama unfold in other’s lives? Does it make us feel better about our own life? Simply put, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

If you have ever watched an episode of this show, you probably asked yourself, “Why am I watching this??” However, turning the channel takes way too much will power! The curiosity is overwhelming. I imagine the producers of any reality show have found a few key elements that make television appealing to the masses. But let’s take a closer look at ourselves, the people who watch these shows.

Human beings are social beings who need others, but also tend to compare ourselves to those others. It’s quite natural actually…survival of the fittest. Herbert Spencer first coined this term after reading Darwin’s work, in which Darwin eloquently described as “natural selection.” If someone else is “better” than me, will they live longer, procreate more, and have a more satisfied life? Humans like competition, but also like to win.

Do you ever wonder how 27 girls easily “fall in lust” with that one bachelor the show gives them to fight over? They don’t have one clue about who that person is in real life, without cameras – without the ideal fantasy. These girls have the desire to win that one guy – the guy who seems so desirable to everyone else… it’s back to that natural selection process…everyone wants to be “the fittest” girl left!

For some of us, these types of shows take us out of our daily lives for a few hours, lives which can be stressful and serious. These shows provide a few good laughs to lighten the load. For others, they will enjoy fantasizing about traveling to foreign lands with a beautiful partner with no financial limits. It’s similar to reading a great novel – it’s an escape from the norm. Whatever the reason, it seems to work. And however it works for you, give yourself permission to engage in it, but just know… life is not like, The Bachelor!

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