E-therapy offers new options for patients, and new ethical concerns for providers

When she was working as a psychologist in a Twin Cities clinic, Lisa Herman heard the same question all the time.

“My patients would ask me,” she recalled, “ ‘Can I just call you? Can we just talk on the phone? I don’t have time to make it into the clinic.’ ”

Herman, Psy.D., knows all too well where her patients are coming from. As a new mother, she understands that there are days when making extra time — even for something as important as therapy  — feels nearly impossible. But she also believes that many people could benefit from mental health care.

Inspired by her patients’ requests for a more flexible approach to treatment, Herman began looking for ways she could give people the help they need in a format that worked with their busy lives.

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Dr. Lisa is the founder of Synergy eTherapy and Licensed Psychologist in MN, WI and NY.

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