For a second year in a row, Forbes Health named Synergy eTherapy as one of their BEST OF categories in Online Therapy Services! We are awarded in 2024 for BEST ONLINE THERAPY Services for KIDS & TEENS!

Synergy eTherapy: Eradicating Mental Illness Digitally

Postpartum Anxiety


Thank you to Insightscare for featuring Dr. Lisa and Synergy eTherapy and speaking on #mentalillness and online therapy!

There is insufficient knowledge about mental health throughout the world. Mental health is as serious as any other physical health issues, but very less addressed. There have been many cases where small mental health issues escalated to depression and resulted in suicide. The number of such cases has been increasing at an alarming rate in today’s day. The symptoms of such issues are not recognized by others but to only one who is suffering from it.

Many a time, people don’t know how and whom to contact when it comes to mental health issues. Due to the busy schedule and in a race to be successful, people are left with no time for personal care. Such a hectic lifestyle can anytime lead to poor mental health. People get confused about consultation and further procedures and stress out making the situation even worse. Launched in 2016, Synergy eTherapy solves this issue with its online therapy sessions that will help outpatients effectively manage their mental health symptoms.. The company offers a variety of online mental health therapy services to help the patient focus themselves.

To read more on the benefits of eTherapy, and How Synergy E Therapy is stepping into the future, please click here.


Dr. Lisa is the founder of Synergy eTherapy and Licensed Psychologist in MN, WI and NY.

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