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The Goal Next Door Podcast – Featuring Dr. Lisa Lovelace

The Goal Next Door Podcast – Featuring Dr. Lisa Lovelace



Thank you to Amanda Ferris with The Goal Next Door for having Dr. Lisa join the conversation to de-stigmatizing topics around mental health and how she started Synergy eTherapy.

To listen to the radio podcast, please click HERE.

 [00:02:31] How to  be healthier in your mind and in your home

[00:13:10] What kind of therapy can you access online

[00:21:42] How having a counselor in a one on one, or group setting, can support your wellbeing

[00:33:55] Do people of all generations access online therapy

[00:42:35] What the alternative options are to therap

Dr. Lisa is the founder of Synergy eTherapy and Licensed Psychologist in MN, WI, FL and NY.

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