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Gratitude: In the season of doing, how to live attentively in the present.

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November, 2021        

Written by, Dr. Laura Schwinn 

Licensed in CA and WI
Synergy eTherapy 

Dr. Laura Schwinn received both her Masters and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in Schaumburg, IL. and is licensed as a psychologist in the state of California and Wisconsin.  

Dr. Laura also holds specific Autism certifications, including Relationship Development Intervention, as well as a certificate training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Dr. Laura aims to meet the patient with compassionate inquiry, towards integration. Building authentic connections through humor and sensitivity, clients report a genuine therapeutic alliance, allowing their vulnerabilities to be held with graceful respect.


Gratitude: In the Season of Doing, How to Live Intently in the Present

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As the holiday’s draw near…

…we are often reminded of the season of gratitude.  For our purpose gratitude, as defined by Deepak Chopra, is the “soul quality that brings your attention to the present, which is the only moment in which you can experience joy, love, compassion and peace.”  

Best intentions that we have, that version of gratitude somehow gets buried under the ever growing “to do” list.  Fleeting moments of present moment gratitude may catch our attention, only to be rushed past in order to check off another “thing” on the list.  

But what if we ADDED gratitude, the soul quality of being IN the present moment, to the list itself? 

Lists, in themselves, provide an anchor, a grounding to what we want to accomplish.  This way of navigating life holds an energy of organization, of keeping focus on the end goal, and grounded in what needs to get down.  These “things” tend to be actionable, specific and time stamped have, AND never ending.  So, how do we flow with this type of doing organization in a sense of balance, rather than feeling like life is organized around the lists? 

In a list situation, to add balance, we can consider adding actions to the list that evoke more open-ended solutions, that require creativity and authenticity to respond.  

What do I mean? 

Maybe it’s adding gratitude statements for all that you have.  Or thinking of ways to donate (time, money, or goods) to the underserved.  Perhaps adding self-nurturing activities (think simple ways you thank yourself for all that you do).  What if you invited yourself to receive all the good that surrounds you (like little ones needing you to tuck them into bed)?  

It might be getting really clear on what family values you want to instill through holiday rituals and adding those to the list.  

Gratitude is synonymous with living life with intention.  

When we are clear about what items are on our “doing list” we can receive joy, love, compassion and peace in the present moment.We don’t need to take away the lists (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the feeling of my scribbly lines of completion!) AND it requires a balance.  

Although the list’s gets longer, it is inviting you to embody the essence of the Holiday season.  In the season of giving, you are invited to the present moment to receive gratitude.  

So, what will you add to your list? 

Light & Love, Dr. Laura


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