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Connecticut boasts stunning natural beauty with its lush landscapes and charming towns. From Greenwich to Hartford, there's an abundance of attractions and activities to enjoy. Whether you reside in a bustling urban center or a tranquil rural area of Connecticut, accessing weekly therapy appointments can be a challenge. At Synergy E-Therapy, we recognize the difficulties many individuals encounter when seeking convenient mental health care. That's why we're dedicated to providing high-quality therapy services throughout the state of Connecticut.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life in Connecticut? We understand the challenges of balancing a busy schedule and finding time for therapy. That’s why Synergy eTherapy, tailored for residents of Connecticut, is here to make your mental health journey more manageable!

Say goodbye to the hassle of commuting to appointments and the stress of weekly therapy visits. Synergy eTherapy brings the solution right to your fingertips! Now, you can receive personalized and convenient online mental health counseling that fits seamlessly into your life. Imagine having therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home, office, or even while you’re on the go. With Synergy eTherapy, you can connect with a therapist using your phone, tablet, or computer – the same devices you already use for FaceTime, Zoom, or other video chats!

In today’s digital age, accessing healthcare services has never been easier, and mental health support should be no exception. We recognize the importance of finding the right therapist whose approach aligns with your personality. Your connection with your therapist significantly influences the positive outcomes of therapy. That’s why we take pride in having some of the finest therapists in Connecticut, offering top-notch online therapy services. We are confident that you will discover a therapist you resonate with, ensuring a meaningful therapeutic experience.

Explore the world of online therapy, also known as eTherapy, telehealth, or tele-mental health therapy, at Synergy eTherapy. Your ideal mental health support may be just a click away, providing you with the guidance and support you’ve been searching for.

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Online therapy in Connecticut offers convenience and simplicity.

Online therapy services are gaining popularity in Connecticut, catering to both urban centers like Hartford and remote rural areas where mental health resources are limited. These services, including e-therapy, offer a solution for individuals and families, eliminating obstacles such as commuting, taking time off work, or disrupting school schedules for counseling sessions. With online therapy, you and your loved ones can connect with your therapist through a secure website, engaging in counseling sessions via video chat. Accessing mental health support has never been more convenient in the Nutmeg State.

How Online Therapy Works In Connecticut

One essential aspect of online therapy in Connecticut is ensuring that you connect with a licensed counselor practicing within the state. Whether you reside in bustling cities like Hartford, New Haven, or Bridgeport, or in the serene countryside, it’s crucial to seek therapy from a Connecticut-licensed therapist. At Synergy eTherapy, we have a team of licensed therapists in Connecticut who specialize in online counseling. Regardless of your location within the state, our therapists can provide the support you need. Moreover, your designated therapist can continue your counseling sessions even as you travel within Connecticut. So, whether you’re in Stamford but need to travel to Hartford, you can still participate in your counseling sessions online while on the go.

Online Therapy Has Many Benefits

Convenience: Telehealth Saves You and Your Family Precious Time

Navigating the fast-paced lifestyle of Connecticut can be challenging, especially with the demands of work, school, family obligations, and various activities competing for your time. We recognize the significance of mental health and the obstacles in dedicating time to it amid your busy routine. This is where Synergy eTherapy steps in. Through our secure video platform, you can conveniently access therapy sessions from your phone, computer, or tablet, allowing you to prioritize your emotional well-being according to your schedule. Our online therapy services are tailored to seamlessly integrate into your hectic day, providing the flexibility you require. By removing the necessity of traveling to a traditional mental health office, we bring therapy to you, regardless of where you are in Connecticut.

Online Therapy Gives You Options

Perhaps you’ve been grappling with a challenging breakup, a tumultuous past, or fluctuating moods beyond your control. Maybe you’re on a journey to mend your relationship with a loved one. It’s crucial to connect with a therapist who truly comprehends life’s complexities. You need a therapist with whom you can form a meaningful connection and work towards your mental health objectives. Our licensed therapists in Connecticut are well-equipped to address various mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, while upholding the principle of Synergy eTherapy.

Connecticut, though smaller than some states, presents its own array of mental health needs. While major cities like Hartford may offer numerous mental health professionals, finding specialists in trauma, substance abuse, support for foster or adoptive parents, or couples counseling in smaller towns can prove challenging. Identifying a therapist who specializes in your specific concern is paramount.

This is where online therapy, powered by Synergy eTherapy, can be a game-changer. We broaden your options to connect with an online therapist in the state of Connecticut who not only aligns with your needs but also specializes in the challenges you’re facing.

Accessibility: Online Therapy Is Easy

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Not everyone in Connecticut can easily attend in-person therapy sessions every week. It might be challenging for you and your partner to find time for counseling while both of you are at home. If you’re a busy college student in Connecticut, regular therapist visits might be nearly impossible due to your hectic schedule. Alternatively, if you’re a stay-at-home parent, you may prefer not to bring your children to counseling sessions. Regardless of your situation, our Synergy online therapists are here to help. We offer counseling services tailored to your needs, provided you reside in the state of Connecticut.

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Privacy: With telehealth, there's no need to go into a counseling clinic.

Your well-being and confidentiality are paramount to us. We recognize that visiting a counseling office might not be your preference, and you might feel uneasy about others knowing you seek therapy. At Synergy eTherapy in Connecticut, we offer you the opportunity to engage in therapy with a skilled therapist through a secure video platform. This approach allows you to experience healing without concerns about compromising your privacy.

Does Online Therapy Really Work The Same As In-Person Therapy?

Maybe you haven’t considered online counseling in Connecticut yet. The concept of etherapy might be new to you. We urge you to do your research before engaging with an online therapist, but rest assured, online therapy, also known as Telehealth, is a viable option. Research indicate that online therapy, or Telehealth, is just as effective in addressing various mental health issues as traditional in-person counseling. Utilizing secure video chat, you can experience the synergy of connecting with your therapist from the convenience of your home or office in Connecticut.

Addiction Treatment with Online Therapy in Connecticut


Perhaps you’ve considered reducing your alcohol consumption in Connecticut. Yet, you’re still managing, so it might not appear like a significant concern. You might even believe that you could cut down if the situation called for it. Ultimately, your chosen substance (alcohol, nicotine, pills, marijuana, or other drugs) serves as a coping mechanism. Your life is filled with stress, and at times, you find solace in something to ease the pressure.

Synergy eTherapy provides online substance abuse counseling tailored for individuals in Connecticut. Our licensed online therapists are equipped to assist you in discovering healthier ways to navigate the stressors in your life.

If you’re prepared to decrease your substance use and are seeking support, our online counselors in Connecticut are available to assist you. Alternatively, if you wish to prioritize your mental well-being and nurture self-care, therapy can guide you in managing stress without resorting to substance abuse.

Online Therapy for Stress and Anxiety in Connecticut

Are you tired of anxiety preventing you from enjoying a peaceful life in Connecticut? It’s time for a change. Anxiety is a common struggle for many, but the good news is that anxiety disorders are highly treatable. Synergy eTherapy offers effective solutions tailored to your needs. Through online therapy, you will explore the sources of your stress and acquire new coping strategies designed to soothe your mind and body. By transforming your relationship with your body, you can enhance your mental well-being. Take the first step toward a calmer, more fulfilling life with Synergy’s online counseling for anxiety in Connecticut.

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Online Trauma Therapy in Connecticut

Feeling out of sorts? Struggling with haunting memories? You might think you should have moved on by now, but the pain lingers. It’s as if you’re trapped, unable to escape the grip of traumatic memories.

In Connecticut, Synergy eTherapy provides online trauma therapy tailored to your needs. Trauma takes many forms: perhaps you’ve endured assault, faced domestic violence, survived a car accident, witnessed a crime, or encountered any distressing event. Trauma shatters your world, leaving you disconnected from your true self.

Sleepless nights? Low self-esteem? Growing anger and social withdrawal? These signs point toward the need for trauma counseling. Working with a Synergy therapist, you’ll develop strategies to handle trauma and PTSD symptoms. In a safe, understanding environment, you can talk through your experiences. Regaining control and moving forward is possible, and online therapy is here to support your journey in Connecticut.

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Online Counseling for Chronic Medical Conditions

Navigating the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies major life events, such as a partner’s bariatric surgery or a serious medical diagnosis, can be challenging. In Connecticut, where the journey of adapting to these changes can feel overwhelming, it’s crucial to recognize the complexities of this experience. Synergy eTherapy remains a vital component in this process.

Witnessing your partner grapple with a myriad of emotions, ranging from typical sadness and frustration to deeper concerns, can be perplexing. The transition may appear monumental for both of you, as worries about weight fluctuations and uncertainties about outcomes take center stage. It’s natural for individuals to contemplate giving up in the face of such challenges. However, it’s important to understand that these emotions are part of the adjustment process to your new normal.

If you find yourself resonating with these feelings, it’s essential to acknowledge that you might need time to adapt. While online therapy is not an absolute necessity, it can be incredibly valuable in aiding your adjustment journey during this period. Synergy eTherapy, in this context, remains a powerful force, fostering understanding and support as you and your partner navigate this transformative phase together in the Connecticut setting.

Begin Online Therapy in Connecticut

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Are you ready to begin online counseling and live in the state of Connecticut?  We’d love to help!  You can begin online therapy with three simple steps:

  1. Visit our FAQ page for any further questions or concerns.
  2. Select an online therapist in Connecticut to meet for a free consultation or first appointment.
  3. Begin working on the issues that matter most to you in online therapy in Connecticut.

Other Mental Health Services at
Synergy eTherapy

As an online mental health counseling practice, our mission is to offer a variety of online therapy services to help you focus on your wellbeing. We take the stress out of getting the treatment you deserve. Synergy eTherapists provide flexible, convenient, and easy to use mental health services.

In addition to online counseling in Connecticut, we offer online therapy in several states including MinnesotaIowa, Wisconsin, South Carolina, North Dakota, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, California, Florida, Georgia, and Vermont. We add new states to this list regularly.

Our online therapists can treat anxiety, trauma, depression, substance abuse, maternal mental health concerns, grief and loss, and more.

Our therapists help teens, college students, adults, couples, and people with health conditions and chronic pain during online therapy. Additionally, we can offer psychiatric medication management in certain states.

Learn more about our online therapy group practice and the cost of online therapy here



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