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In vibrant cities like St. Louis, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can pose challenges for those seeking regular therapy sessions. Synergy E-Therapy understands the obstacles individuals face when trying to access convenient mental health assistance. That's why Synergy E-Therapy offers exceptional online counseling services, enabling you to receive therapy right from your home anywhere in the state of Missouri. You can access our services using your computer, phone, or tablet, ensuring you get the support you need without the hassle of traveling.

Missouri is dotted with rural areas and small towns where access to highly skilled therapists specializing in your specific concerns might be limited. Even bustling college towns like Columbia or Springfield might not always offer the right therapist tailored to your needs. We understand the challenges of finding suitable counseling amidst the busy pace of life.

Synergy eTherapy offers online counseling services designed to cater to your unique needs in Missouri. Our tele-mental health therapy, also known as eTherapy, provides the excellent counseling support you deserve, allowing you to access top-notch therapists without the stress of fitting in another appointment.

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Online Counseling: A Thriving Practice in Missouri

Online counseling, or etherapy services, are becoming increasingly popular in Missouri. This convenient option provides the same high-quality mental health care you’re used to, without the need to travel to a counseling office. With online therapy, you, your children, or your partner/spouse can connect with your therapist securely through a website using video chat. This makes it easier than ever to find time to prioritize your well-being or nurture your relationships. Enjoy the convenience of accessible mental health support right from the comfort of your home in Missouri, and experience the power of synergy in improving your mental and emotional well-being.

How Online Therapy Works In Missouri

In Missouri, telehealth regulations vary, determining the scope of therapist-client interactions. Specifically, within the state, therapists are permitted to counsel clients situated anywhere within Missouri’s borders. Therefore, if you reside in cities like St. Louis or Kansas City, it’s essential to connect with a therapist licensed to practice in Missouri. At Synergy eTherapy, our team comprises seasoned mental health professionals in Missouri. With years of expertise, they adeptly offer online therapy services to individuals residing anywhere in the state of Missouri.

Online Therapy Has Many Benefits

Convenience: Online Counseling Preserves Valuable Time for You and Your Family

Online therapy in Missouri provides the convenience of saving valuable hours each week. Bid farewell to the challenges of traversing the bustling roads around the I-70 corridor between St. Louis and Kansas City.

With online counseling services, you won’t have to sacrifice workdays or disturb your children’s school schedules to attend therapy sessions. Your appointments can harmoniously fit into your hectic agenda, granting you the ability to access therapy according to your preferences and timetable.

Online Therapy Gives You Options

Establishing a strong connection with your therapist is vital for successful therapy outcomes in Missouri. When you’re dedicating time and energy to enhance your mental well-being, finding the right therapist is crucial. You need someone you can trust, a professional with the expertise to help you manage moods, enhance coping mechanisms, and guide you towards wellness.

In larger cities like Kansas City or St. Louis, there is a plethora of therapists specializing in various issues. Cities such as Springfield or Columbia might offer similar options. However, in smaller towns and rural areas, the choices might be limited, and finding a therapist specialized in your specific concerns, be it mood disorders, trauma, or teen counseling, could be challenging.

This is where online counseling becomes invaluable for you or your loved one. Online therapy significantly expands your options, allowing you to connect with therapists who are a good match for you and specialize in addressing your specific issues.

Accessibility: Online Counseling Is Easy


Whether you’re a bustling professional in Missouri or a college student caught up in the daily grind, not everyone has the luxury of attending weekly therapy sessions. Online counseling can break down these obstacles, making mental health support accessible to all. Furthermore, individuals dealing with physical ailments, such as chronic pain or illness, might find it challenging to venture outside. Online counseling provides the synergy of convenience and support, ensuring that help is just a click away, even in the heart of Missouri.

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Privacy: There's No Need to Go to a Counseling Clinic!

In Missouri, there’s a lingering sense of shame and stigma attached to seeking therapy. Thankfully, this perception is gradually shifting, but many still hesitate to visit a bustling local clinic where they might encounter familiar faces. Our mission is to normalize mental health therapy, making it as routine as visiting your physician or eye doctor. However, we acknowledge that society hasn’t fully embraced this idea, and there are various reasons why individuals prefer counseling with a degree of anonymity.

At Synergy eTherapy, we offer an excellent solution: online counseling with licensed therapists/psychologists accessible from the comfort of your chosen location within the state of Missouri. With us, you can engage in therapy without jeopardizing your privacy in a small town or close-knit community.

Does Online Therapy Really Work The Same As In-Person Therapy?

If you’re considering online therapy in Missouri, you might be wondering, “Does online counseling offer the same benefits as in-person therapy?” It’s natural to have reservations about trying something new, especially when it comes to your mental health. If you haven’t experienced online mental health services before, it’s essential to do your research before making a decision. At Synergy eTherapy, you’ll receive personalized care and have direct access to your clinician.

The straightforward answer is yes, online counseling (also known as etherapy or Telehealth) does work effectively. Research has demonstrated that online therapy can be just as impactful in addressing various mental health concerns as traditional in-person therapy.

Counseling For Teens In Missouri

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Feeling irritable, sad, and withdrawn in Missouri? Whether you’re constantly worried about bad things happening, facing bullying in school, struggling with classes, or dealing with low self-esteem due to trauma or grief, you don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Seeking help from a therapist can provide you with the support you need. Through therapy, you can openly discuss your feelings and learn how to express them in a healthy manner, fostering acceptance and understanding. Therapists can equip you with coping skills and techniques to confront your fears, such as practicing calm breathing and mindfulness, helping you manage stress effectively.

Moreover, therapy offers a space to develop problem-solving strategies for issues you might be encountering both in school and at home. Embracing the power of synergy, therapy can guide you toward a path of healing and growth, tailored to your unique experiences in Missouri.

Online Counseling for College Students in Missouri

Navigating college in Missouri can be simultaneously thrilling and overwhelming. As you step into this new chapter, you may find yourself grappling with feelings of withdrawal, anxiety, and a racing mind, emotions that you perhaps didn’t anticipate. College marks a significant transition, introducing you to a world brimming with novelty. Leaving behind the familiar comforts of home, family, and friends can be intimidating, amplifying stress, anxiety, and even feelings of depression. In this whirlwind of change, your usual coping mechanisms might prove ineffective.

Fortunately, accessing online counseling tailored for college students can provide invaluable support. Balancing a hectic class schedule often leaves little time to visit on-campus counseling centers. Synergy eTherapy understands these challenges, offering you direct access to your therapist via text whenever you need to schedule a session. This means you can reach out without the worry of confidentiality breaches or the discomfort of walking into a counseling center and waiting for your turn. Online therapy not only grants students the vital support they require but also alleviates the pressures that college life can bring.

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Online Trauma Therapy in Missouri

Perhaps you’ve faced something deeply unsettling in your past, and despite the passage of time, those memories continue to haunt you. You might feel that you should have overcome this by now, but the pain endures. It’s as if you’re ensnared, held captive by the reverberations of distressing events.

Here in Missouri, Synergy eTherapy offers online trauma therapy services tailored to your needs. Trauma can manifest in various forms – whether you’ve survived assault, domestic violence, a serious accident, or witnessed a violent crime. Trauma disrupts your life, altering you in ways you never expected.

Sleepless nights, persistent fatigue, and irritability might have become your constant companions. Seeking refuge in solitude, you grapple with anger and withdraw from friends. These are all valid reasons to explore trauma therapy. By engaging with a trauma therapist, you’ll acquire coping strategies for the symptoms of trauma and PTSD as they arise. In a secure and empathetic environment, you can openly discuss your experiences. Reclaiming control over your life and forging ahead is achievable, and online therapy can serve as your guiding light on this journey.


Online Anxiety Treatment in Missouri

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges in Missouri? Whether it’s concerning your children, aging parents, finances, or more, anxiety can make your world spin. Your body may rebel with shaky hands, a racing heart, and constant stomach upset. Social situations might trigger anxiety, causing you to withdraw from activities you once enjoyed.

But here’s the good news: anxiety disorders, no matter how frustrating, are highly treatable. In Missouri, our Synergy eTherapists specialize in easing these struggles. Through several months of dedicated counseling, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate these symptoms. Our skilled therapists employ evidence-based practices, particularly Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, using a holistic approach.

With our online therapy, you’ll be encouraged to set personal goals, allowing you to move forward without that overwhelming sense of panic and dread. Take charge of your life again with the help of Synergy eTherapy.

Online Therapy For Couples In Missouri

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You cherish your significant other, but lately, communication has posed a challenge, leading to feelings of being unheard and fostering resentment between you both. While considering couples counseling in Missouri, finding the ideal therapist suited to your unique situation might seem overwhelming. Here at Synergy eTherapy, we empathize with your worries. That’s why we provide a complimentary consultation exclusively for couples in Missouri. This allows both of you to confirm if online couples therapy will be the perfect match for your relationship.

Begin Online Therapy in Missouri

Are you ready to begin online counseling and are physically located in Missouri?  We’d love to help!  You can begin counseling services with three simple steps:

  1. Check out our FAQ page for answers to your online therapy questions
  2. Meet with a Missouri online therapist.
  3. Begin working on the issues that matter most to you!

Other Mental Health Services at
Synergy eTherapy

As an online mental health counseling practice, our mission is to offer a variety of online therapy services to help you focus on your wellbeing. We take the stress out of getting the treatment you deserve. Synergy eTherapists provide flexible, convenient, and easy to use mental health services.

In addition to online counseling in Missouri, we offer online therapy in several states including MinnesotaIowa, Wisconsin, South Carolina, North Dakota, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, California, Florida, Colorado, and Vermont. We add new states to this list regularly.

Our online therapists can treat anxiety, trauma, depression, substance abuse, maternal mental health concerns, grief and loss, and more.

Our therapists help teens, college students, adults, couples, and people with health conditions and chronic pain during online therapy. Additionally, we can offer psychiatric medication management in certain states.

Learn more about our online therapy group practice and the cost of online therapy here



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